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What Mods Does Scott Manley Use

The popular YouTuber Scott Manley uses a variety of mods for his Kerbal Space Program series. Some of the mods he regularly uses include the MechJeb2 autopilot mod, the Smoke Screen shader mod, and the RemoteTech communications mod. He also often makes use of mods that add new parts or gameplay features to the game.

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to talk about the mods that Scott Manley uses. For those of you who don’t know, Scott Manley is a YouTuber who creates videos about space games such as Kerbal Space Program and Elite Dangerous.

He’s also a huge modder, and his videos often showcase the various mods he’s using in his games. So, what mods does Scott Manley use? Well, there are too many to list here, but some of the highlights include the following:

-The Realism Overhaul mod for Kerbal Space Program, which makes the game much more challenging and realistic. -The Deadly Reentry mod for Kerbal Space Program, which adds deadly consequences for reentering the atmosphere without proper preparation. -The Interstellar Fuel Switch mod for Elite Dangerous, which allows players to switch between different types of fuel while in hyperspace.

These are just a few of the mods that Scott Manley uses in his games. If you’re interested in seeing more, I recommend checking out his YouTube channel or website. Thanks for reading!

What Mods Does Scott Manley Use


What Mods Does Scott Manley Use

Scott Manley is a popular YouTuber and space enthusiast who often uses mods in his videos. Some of the mods he frequently uses include Kerbal Engineer Redux, MechJeb2, TweakScale and FAR. He also occasionally uses other mods such as KW Rocketry, Environmental Visual Enhancements and Better Burn Time.

In his earlier videos, he used to use the stock Apollo mod for Kerbal Space Program quite often.

How Often Does Scott Manley Play Kerbal Space Program

Scott Manley plays Kerbal Space Program quite often. In fact, he has played the game for over 1000 hours! He is a big fan of the game and enjoys streaming it on Twitch.

What is Scott Manley’S Favorite Mod for Kerbal Space Program

Scott Manley’s favorite mod for Kerbal Space Program is the “Aero” mod. This mod adds aero effects to the game, making it more realistic and challenging. It also adds a new UI element that displays airspeed, altitude and G-forces.

Kerbal Space Program – Guide To The 10 Most Essential Mods & Add Ons


Scott Manley, a popular YouTuber known for his Kerbal Space Program videos, recently put out a video detailing the mods he uses in the game. The first mod he mentioned is the “Kerbal Engineer Redux” which gives players more information about their rockets and vessels. Next is the “MechJeb” mod which automate various aspects of space travel, such as launch and landing.

Manley also uses the “Better Buoyancy” mod to make water landings more realistic. Finally, he recommends the “ModularFlightIntegrator” mod for players who want more control over their rockets’ flight paths.

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