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How To Use Salesforce Community Page Optimizer

Salesforce community page optimization technique is a tool that lets you change the look and feel of your website or online community page. It is very easy to use, yet impressive how much effect it can have on your community page.

This article will go deeper into detail, and tell you how to use Salesforce Community Page Optimizer. DQS has added some new features to the optimizer so this article will need to be updated. If you are looking to update your website look and feel, this is the right article for you.

Page layout features include changing background color, adding accents and shapes, adding content, changing size and scale, and removing all except for the changes listed previous. All of these can be changed on or off!

When using this feature, it is important that you always keep your goal in mind.

Create a new page

how to use salesforce community page optimizer

Once you’ve identified a site or page that needs an update, go to the page editor and create a new page. Then, select the right theme and design for your page!

Once you do this, your new page will show up on all of your accounts as a resource. You can then add material to your page to promote your sale or event!

To ensure it is working correctly, make sure that each account has its own section for my material.

Upload images

how to use salesforce community page optimizer

You can upload images to your community page using the online uploader. It is located under the “Photo” tab.

This is a very easy way to add some flair to your page and make people want to visit your community page!

Many users find it more attractive than plain text, so it may become the go-to way to add images to your page.

The online uploader can be tricky at first, but with practice, you will be able to do it!

You can also create linkable images using the online image editor. This allows you to link additional images directly to your page without having to create a new image file.

Enter your content details

how to use salesforce community page optimizer

Once your content is entered, the page optimizer will look at it and determine which sections of your content it connects to and group them together. This process can help you create a more holistic picture of who you are and what you want to communicate, so do not skip it!

When the page optimizer comes to a piece of content that seems related, such as your profile picture or a bio, it will automatically add additional information to link it in. This may include links to your blog,LinkedIn blogs connected through a feed, or even an email address you can send messages from the page.

This is done so other people can find what they are looking for and add you as a friend! By giving people the ability to connect their accounts, Dynamics 365 For Business will see new users come in and out of the community site which increases their engagement with one another.

Using the bullet point above as an example, we would assume our profile picture connects to your bio detail so other users can connect their accounts.

Select which terms you want to optimize for

how to use salesforce community page optimizer

When using the aforementioned community page optimization tool, it is important to choose which terms or phrases you want to optimize for.

This can be difficult when you are limited by your device and device size. For example, on a large screen, you can see how many words a term has, how many times it is used, and how popular it is.

Some terms are more popular than others and depending on what they are talking about may cause your page to look unbalanced or out of shape. Using the plugin will fix this as well as well as turning on word-tracking will do the same!

Look into each term that you want to add a word-tracking for and find some reducing substitute words that would match that term’s appearance.

Submit your page for review

how to use salesforce community page optimizer

Once you have used the Salesforce Community Page Optimizer, you can use it to submit your page for review.

Using the Submit Your Page button on the Website Optimization Tool, You can enter your page details and then select whether or not your page will be reviewed.

If your page is approved for publication, it will be published on your account and also on other websites as an advertisement. This is very useful for getting your business visibility, as other people searching for the same things as yours will see your page and possibly purchase from or link to you.

Your review can take up to 24 hours for it to come through, so try not rushing into submitting your page if you have some last minute changes or information to add.

Make any final changes to your page

how to use salesforce community page optimizer

Once your page has been optimized, you can delete and delete and delete! Once you have done this, no other changes to your page can be made.

This tool will let you make quick changes to your page, so if you add more content or change an existing content piece, then next time you launch the app it’ll look better.

If someone subscribed to your content piece, they’ll get a notification when it’s updated which they can then click on to make it send out a message. If someone clicks that message then sends, that person will eventually respond!

This is such a helpful way to update your community page as it makes changes quickly and easily. You could do this for all of your pages, but just one may be enough for this article’s topic.

Save your progress and return to it later

how to use salesforce community page optimizer

When you make changes to your page, such as adding a new feature, removing a feature, or changing the look of the page, it can take a few minutes for the update to catch with your community.

That is fine! You want to stay up to date and add new features and update your community page!

Once you have updated your page, you can test out the change by adding a few followers and seeing how they respond to your content. If you are adding new features, do so slowly to prevent frustration or withdrawal of followers.

If you are changing the look of your page, do it in stages so those who are coming to your site see what you are trying to communicate. This will help build confidence in you that what you are presenting is meaningful, credible, and effective.

By staying current with your community,oway back into business relationships and contentions.

Create multiple pages if you want to optimize for many terms

how to use salesforce community page optimizer

If your page is too long, will this cost you valuable user time and engagement? If the page is too short, then it will cost you space on your website or give you a poor user experience.

Having a very long page can also cause people to get frustrated and leave early. A shorter, better-communicated page can save you money in the long run as well!

To create several pages that target different terms, use the Salesforce Community Page Optimizer. Go to c-levelconfacomoonerarticle150135to do this.

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