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How Does Salesforce Cpq Work

When users access their sites or apps through the app store or web store, they are connected to their current company. The app can create a new account for you, link your old account to the new one, or require you to enter your company information to link the accounts.

When users join a company, they create an initial user account that doesn’t have access to anything outside of their initial products and services. This is called restricted membership. Members can chat with each other andwithwitheachproductsupport, but no other product support person can help them.

Once they become members of another company, they must re-create their restricted membership account at the new company so it can add them as a member. This is called unrestricted membership and it allows users to talk with any product support person.

Determine what products you will sell

Once you know what products you want to sell, it is time to figure out if they are a way for you to make a living or if they are a sustainable way to earn a living.

There are thousands of dollars and years spent trying to separate the guys with $100 bills from the guys with $100,000+ bills. You can help bridge that gap by investing in your business!

In order to determine if selling custom printed goods is your thing, it is important to find out what types of products people buy and how much they spend on them.

For example, if you see people spending $10-15 for stickers but they are only buying one per order, then this might be a clear-cut no-go for you as it might look like you were only putting money into one item type.

Develop a product catalog

how does salesforce cpq work

Once you have your product catalog, the next step is creating your campaigns. A campaign is the way you target customers in your catalog.

There are six types of campaigns: cold market, hunter market, lead market, cycle market, and VIP market. Each one targets a different group of customers.

For example, a hunting campaign looks for customers who are interested in hunting but not necessarily ready to buy a product. A lead market campaign looks for customers who are looking to purchase their first product and may not understand everything about it but want it cheap.

A cycle market looks for customers who purchase products in a fairly regular way and would benefit from a discount.

Create product configurations

how does salesforce cpq work

Once your customers have signed up to receive product configuration messages, you can now create new configurations. Each configuration can have its own list of customers, the order in which they sign up for the configuration determines which ones receive the configurations.

Customer signups happen through a personalized message sent via email, SMS, or Twitter message. The customer receives an opportunity to confirm their interest in the configuration by clicking a link sent via email or SMS.

Once they do so, the customer receives a notification via their device that they have been added to the configuration and received the product configuration message.

Assign products to categories

how does salesforce cpq work

Once you have identified a category that you would like to sell in, the next step is to assign products to that category. You can do this by clicking on the Assign Product To Category button in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard.

There are a few ways to group products by category. You can create a list, or organize them by price point, brand, or even by what they are typically used for.

The one rule with categories is that there must be at least one product in every category! Creating too many in one spot will lead to overproduction and less sales, especially when dealing with less advanced Sellers who do not want to order more than one product per month for personal use.

Once you have created enough categories for your personal business, click on the + sign under the Add New Product button and create your first order.

Create sales contracts

how does salesforce cpq work

Once your customers purchase or access your product, you need a way to manage their contracts. For example, you can create a contract template that lets them enter information about their purchase and the benefits of your product.

You can then update or add all of the benefits they said they wanted in their contract. Alternatively, you can send them an invitation to join the program through your marketing channel. Once they accept the invitation, you can send them the contract.

Link sales contracts to products

how does salesforce cpq work

Having a solid platform on which to link products is vital. For example, if you have a membership to Amazon, you can now link that membership to products!

CQ has several features that can be linked. These include: Product reviews, Upsells/cross-sells, Convincers, and Discounts. Having all of these features linked provides substantial value to your customers.

These links are dynamic and will change with updates to the product. For example, when a new item is released and users click the link to purchase it, it will update the connection between the membership and the product.

This is important as if someone purchases it, then they will join your community as a customer in order to receive its benefits. This would help them determine whether or not they liked what they saw on this platform and wanted to join.

Control your inventory levels

how does salesforce cpq work

Another great feature of the CPQ is how you can control your inventory levels. When you create an account, you are given a code that allows you to control your inventory.

You can select one of four levels: none, low, medium, or high. Each level has specific guidelines for stock levels and order quantities.

When you order products through the app, they are sent to your house in bulk so that you have enough supplies for all of your customers.

The medium level works well if you need a few thousand products, while the low level works well if you need a few hundred and fifty thousand products.

Either level can be done in both electronic and printable format, making it easy to send to customers.

Generate quotes and accept orders

how does salesforce cpq work

After registering as a customer in the dashboard, you can start receiving orders via text or email.

As the recipient of the order, you must confirm it by entering your details in the order confirmation page. Once this is done, your order will be sent to the manufacturer for processing.

If you are happy with the order, you can send a thank-you via email or phone. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it within 24 hours for a full refund.

At present, Generate quotes works best with smartphones. When entering an item’s details on a mobile device, turning off Generate quotes would help save time while ordering.

Many devices have trouble connecting to the app when this is true, making it slightly difficult to apply all of these tips.

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