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How To Run Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer is a great way to manage your customer contacts, lead scoring, and lead management features.

Install Salesforce Optimizer

how to run salesforce optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer is a powerful tool that can help you create and market your salesforce apps and services effectively. It is available as a plug-in for Salesforce, making it easy to introduce Optimizer into your workflow.

Optimize can be a little tricky at first, but with time, you will learn how to use it effectively. It can help you create more loyal buyers for your applications and services, as well as create high-quality applications and services to sell them.

You can install Optimizer on multiple devices, so you do not have to worry about losing data when updating an application. You can also use it as a way to schedule time to review products and see if they meet your needs.

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Open Salesforce Optimizer

how to run salesforce optimizer

Once your platform is open, you can start using it. To do that, simply click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Salesforce account.

Then, select Optimizer and you will see all of the features available.

Optimizer helps you find and close sales opportunities faster by automatically applying various filters to your buyer personas and solutions. By having these automatic filters, you will save time when trying to manually apply them yourself.

You can also set Optimizer to run once a day at noon, making it easy to start using it immediately. Once it does, you will find that there are several ways Optimizer can help you find opportunities, such as through partner sites or within the app.

Connect to a project

how to run salesforce optimizer

Once your campaign has started, you will need to connect to a project. A project is an area of your Salesforce that can be connected to by a campaign.

A campaign is a group of contacts that work together to promote or sell something. A project is similar, but connected to your company instead of an area of sales.

You can connect multiple campaigns into one project, making it more efficient and powerful. This feature makes sense, because with more campaigns connected, you can spend more time reviewing messages and responding properly!

When running Optimizer campaigns, you will want to connect them right away. Campaigns have several features that you can use in Optimizer, including review messages and decide whether or not the contact should be promoted.

Select a view or page

how to run salesforce optimizer

When creating a list, you may want to divide your list into several lists based on factors like product, market, or person.

This is called segmenting your list. In the case of selling online, you would create a list of orders or listings that are submitted by customers through a shopping cart system.

This is called segmenting your list. In the case of selling online, you would create a list of orders or listings that are submitted by customers through a shopping cart system. Once you have created your two lists, each group will run their salesoptimizer programme on their own list to determine which products they should try to sell to their customers.

When running Optimizer on your List, there are some key points that you must take care of. You can still get feedback on what products are not performing well and/or clicking problems however.

Select an audience

When you are running an optimizer campaign, you will want to focus on a specific audience that you know wants what your product or service offers.

Running an optimizer campaign requires some upfront work, so it is better to create the campaign for this purpose. You can then expand your audience as your customers growth and success dictates!

To run the optimizer campaign in Salesforce, go to Manage Addresses in the left-hand navigation and click Addresses. Then select the region where your target audience lives and click Create Address.

Once created, you can add details such as their name, phone number, and address. You can also set up a automated system that sends invitations to these individuals through email or through a dedicated app.

Preview and publish

how to run salesforce optimizer

When you’re ready to start using Optimizer, first you’ll need to preview your content and see how it looks in the market. You can do this by clicking on the edit content link found at any time during campaign or by clicking the preview button when a lead is complete.

Once this process is complete, you can start using Optimizer to publish content and offers. There are two ways to use Preview and Published Lead Segment Data, these are by setting similarity or dissimilarity values or changing the values manually.

Similarity values can be set between 0-100, where 100 is identical and 0 is not same at all. Disliabilities can be set between 0-100, where none of them are same as any other. Similarity value cannot be more than 100!

By default, Optimizer uses similarity value of 0 for Preview and Published Lead Segment Data.

View results

how to run salesforce optimizer

This command brings up a new window where you can view your targeted users, conversions, and interactions. This command can be extremely useful in tracking your campaign progress!

It can also be abused. If you’re running a promotional campaign for your business, you can use this command to view the results. You will see which businesses purchased your product or service, how much they paid, and what they thought of your product or service.

This is very helpful to know as it tracks user success and helps determine what actions needed to be taken next. It is also easy to extend the tool to include other products or services that were contacted, however only the purchase information should be included.

This command is not available through the app or web-site; you must run Optimizer on a computer to use it.

Edit the project

how to run salesforce optimizer

After you have detected and eliminated all the bad fits in your project, it is time to edit the project. You can do this either before or after you have delivered your solution, but not both.

To edit the project, go to your Manage > Project view. You will see all of your projects items and edits. You can delete or change any of these items.

Your edits will show up in orange under the word fit, which indicates that you have added something but may have taken away something else. When you see what appears to be a complete fit, such as a chart with every data point equalized at 1, that is what you want to make it.

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