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How to Get Temmie Armor

To get Temmie Armor, you need to first find a Temmie. These creatures are small, fuzzy animals that can be found in the forest area of the game. Once you have found one, simply walk up to it and press the A button to interact with it.

This will cause the Temmie to drop its armor, which you can then pick up and equip.

  • Obtain a Temmie Flakes
  • This can be done by defeating the Gaoler in Waterfall Cave or buying one from the Tem Shop for 500G
  • Give the Temmie Flakes to the Armor Vendor in Hotland
  • The Armor Vendor will give you a choice of three different kinds of Temmie Armor; Defense Up, HP Up, or Evade Up
  • Choose which kind of armor you want and equip it to boost your stats!

How to Get Temmie Armor in Genocide

In order to get Temmie Armor in Genocide, you must first go to the Temmie Village. In the village, there is a shop that sells the armor for 500G.

How to Get Temmie Armor Fast

In Undertale, Temmie Armor is one of the best armors in the game. It provides a massive boost to your defense, making it essential for any player looking to survive in the late-game. However, obtaining Temmie Armor can be quite difficult and time-consuming.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get Temmie Armor fast! The first step is to reach Waterfall. This area is located south of Hotland, and can be accessed by going through the ruins near MTT Resort.

Once you’re in Waterfall, make your way to the bottom-left corner of the map. Here, you’ll find a small cave that contains Temmie Village. Once you enter Temmie Village, speak with every NPC here until you find one that’s selling Temmie Armor for 50000G.

Buy this armor and equip it immediately – it’ll provide a huge boost to your defense!

How to Get Temmie Armor for Free

In Undertale, there is a character named Temmie who sells armor. However, this armor is very expensive, costing 5,000 gold. However, there is a way to get this armor for free.

To do this, you must first have at least 2,500 gold. Then, go to the Ruins and enter the room with the golden flowers. There will be a skeleton in this room that you can talk to.

Talk to the skeleton and offer to buy his soul for 2,500 gold. He will agree and give you his soul. Take the soul to Temmie and she will give you the Temmie Armor for free!

This armor is very useful as it increases your defense by 3 points.

How to Get Temmie Armor in Pacifist

If you’re playing the pacifist route in Undertale, you’ll need to find a way to get Temmie Armor without killing any monsters. Here’s how: 1. First, make your way to Waterfall and enter the room with the sign that says “No Monsters Allowed Beyond This Point.”

2. Jump down the waterfall and into the hidden area below. 3. In this hidden area, you’ll find a monster called Temmie. Talk to her and she’ll offer to sell you Temmie Armor for 5,000 gold.

4. Agree to buy the armor and Temmie will give it to you. Congratulations, you now have some of the best armor in Undertale!

What is the Lowest Price for Temmie Armor

The lowest price for Temmie Armor is currently 5,000 Robux. This armor was released on June 29, 2017, and is part of the “Tournament Rewards” set. The armor provides +5 Defense and can be equipped by any class.

How to Get Temmie Armor


What is the Easiest Way to Get Temmie Armor?

There are a few ways to get Temmie Armor in the game Undertale. The first way is to purchase it from the Temmie Shop for 500 gold. The second way is to find it as random loot in Waterfall Cave.

The third way is to receive it as a gift from Temmie after completing her questline.

What is the Lowest Price of Temmie Armor?

The lowest price of Temmie Armor is 10,000 gold. This armor is sold by the merchant in Snowdin Town and is made from the fur of a temmie. It provides good protection against physical attacks and can be upgraded to provide even better protection.

What Happens If You Pay for Tems College in Undertale?

In Undertale, if you choose to pay for Temmie College, Temmie will raise your HP and ATK by 5 each.

What Happens If You Feed Temmie Temmie Flakes?

If you feed Temmie Temmie Flakes to a Temmie, they will get very excited and their eyes will light up. They will start eating the flakes rapidly and then promptly fall asleep.

FASTEST WAY to get the TEMMIE ARMOR in Undertale! – Cutman Plays


In the post, the author explains how to get Temmie Armor in the game Undertale. To get the armor, you must first go to Waterfall and find Temmie Village. In the village, you will find a shop called Tem Shop.

Inside, you will find a monster named Temmie. Talk to her and she will sell you the armor for 500 gold.

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