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How to Decrypt Xci File

Decrypting an XCI file is a process that requires the use of specific software. The first step to decrypting an XCI file is to download and install the latest version of SwitchXCI, which can be found online. Once installed, open up the program and select “Open File” from the main menu.

Browse your computer for the desired XCI file you wish to decrypt and click on it once located. Next, locate “Output Folder” in the lower left corner of SwitchXCI’s window and choose where you’d like to save your decrypted files. Finally, click “Start Decryption” at the bottom right-hand side of SwitchXCI’s Window; this will start encrypting your selected XCIfile into its unencrypted form!

  • Install a Nintendo Switch encryption/decryption program on your computer, such as XCI-Explorer or XCI-Cutter
  • These programs are available for free from various online sources
  • Launch the encryption/decryption program and select the “Decrypt” option from the main menu to open the decryption window
  • Click “Browse” in the decryption window and choose your XCI file that you want to decrypt
  • Once selected, click “Open” next to it in order to add it into the decryption queue of files ready for processing
  • Click “Start Decrypting Now!” at the bottom of this window when all required files have been added into this queue and wait until they finish decrypting successfully before proceeding with further steps (this may take some time depending on how large these files are)
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  • Once finished, select each entry in turn within this list of newly created decrypted files (denoted by their NSP extension) and click “Save As…” towards its right corner so that these can be stored somewhere else on your hard drive or external storage device for future use if necessary – eNSOs also appear alongside them during extraction which must also be saved separately too otherwise they will not work correctly later down line when loaded up onto console hardware itself!


Hactool is a tool developed by SciresM to decrypt and extract files from the Nintendo Switch game console. It has been used widely in the modding community, allowing users to access content that was previously inaccessible on their devices. Hactool supports various formats such as XCI, NCA, PFS0, RomFS, NPDM, Package1 (PK11) and Package2 (PK21).

This versatile tool enables users to unlock new levels of customization with their device while protecting it from malicious code execution.

Decrypt Nsp

Decrypt Nsp is a tool used to decrypt Nintendo System Protection files. It can be used to remove the system protection from various types of Nintendo Switch game cartridges, allowing users to access and modify their content. This tool is particularly useful for modding or hacking games, creating custom content, and more.

Additionally, Decrypt Nsp supports multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

Hactool Download

Hactool is a versatile tool designed to help users download, decrypt and extract files from the Nintendo Switch console. It supports multiple formats such as NCAs, XCI, HFS0, PFS0, RomFS, NPDM and Package1 (PK11). With Hactool you can easily manage your Switch game library with ease!

Switch Save Decrypter

Switch Save Decrypter is a free and open source tool that allows users to decrypt Nintendo Switch save files. It works by taking encrypted save data from the console and converting it into an unencrypted binary format, which can then be modified or backed up for safe keeping. This tool is essential for anyone looking to back up their progress in order to prevent data loss due to hardware failure or accidental deletion.

Xci File Yuzu

Xci file is a Nintendo Switch game cartridge image format that can be used with the Yuzu emulator. XCI files are typically found on the internet and allow users to play their favorite Nintendo Switch games without having to purchase an actual game cartridge. With Yuzu, you can easily load up these XCI files so that you can enjoy your favorite titles from the comfort of your own home.

How to Decrypt Xci File


How Do I Open an Xci File?

Opening an XCI file can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. XCI files are game card images used by the Nintendo Switch, so if you’re looking to play games on your Switch that aren’t available in the eShop or through physical cartridges, you’ll need to know how to open them. Fortunately, the process is relatively simple and requires only a few steps.

First of all, you’ll need an SD card reader (which should come with most modern computers) and an SD card large enough for your game image file – usually 16GB or more. Once that’s taken care of, insert your SD card into the computer via its reader and copy over the XCI file from wherever you downloaded it to a folder on your desktop for easy access. After that, open up Goldleaf (a homebrew program specifically designed for managing NSP/XCI files) which will allow you to install and launch games from both digital downloads as well as physical copies such as those stored in .

xci format. Finally select ‘install title’ from within Goldleaf and then locate where you saved the XCI file; once found simply click ‘select’ followed by ‘install’ at which point Goldleaf will transfer everything over onto your console ready for use!

How Do I Use Xci Files on Ryujinx?

If you have downloaded an XCI file and are looking to use it on the Ryujinx emulator, then you’re in luck! The process is fairly simple and straightforward. To start off, make sure that your system has all of the required software installed: Ryujinx itself, as well as its companion program “nx-hbmenu”.

This will allow the game files to be read by the emulator. Next, open up Ryujinx and navigate to “File > Load File…” from the menu bar. Select your XCI file from wherever it is located on your computer.

Once selected, press “Load & Play” at the bottom right corner of the dialogue box for a near-instant loading experience – no more waiting for a lengthy installation process! After this step is completed successfully, you should now be able to play games through these XCI files with no issues whatsoever!

What’S an Xci File?

An XCI file is a Nintendo Switch ROM image for use with the SX OS custom firmware. It contains all the data from an original Nintendo Switch game cartridge, including a copy of the entire game and any additional content or updates. XCI files allow users to play their favorite games without having to buy physical copies of those titles; instead, they can download digital versions from various sources online.

The advantage of using an XCI file over other formats like NSP (Nintendo Submission Package) is that it doesn’t require signing in to a service such as Nintedo Network before being able to enjoy the game on your device. Additionally, these files are much easier and faster to install than NSPs since they don’t need to be installed through Tinfoil’s USB Installer process – you just drop them into the microSD card once downloaded and boot up your console!

How Do I Open Nsp With Yuzu?

If you’re a fan of Nintendo Switch games, you may have heard of the Yuzu emulator. It is one of the most popular emulators available for playing Nintendo Switch titles on PC. But before you can start using it to play your favorite games, you need to know how to open NSP (Nintendo Submission Package) files with Yuzu.

NSP files are essentially digital versions of physical game cartridges and require special software to be opened correctly. Fortunately, this guide will show you everything that needs to be done in order for you to open NSPs with ease using Yuzu! First off, make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for running Yuzu: 64-bit Windows 7/10 operating system (32-bit systems are not supported), Intel Core i5 or higher processor (or equivalent AMD CPU), 4GB RAM and at least 2 GB of free storage space on your hard drive.

Once these criteria have been met, head over to and download the latest version of the emulator onto your machine. Once installed, launch up the program and proceed through any introductory screens until reaching its main interface window where all sorts of settings can be adjusted if desired by clicking “Options” in the top right corner menu bar followed by selecting “Settings” from its dropdown list..

In order for us to open our NSP file we must go into File > Load File… and select either Installer (.xci) or Game Card Image (.nsp). Selecting .nsp should automatically take us back out into our file browser where we simply need double click our target .

NSP file then wait a few moments while it prepares itself within yuzu’s virtual memory environment before finally being presented with a pop up offering us two options; install this title as normal or dump & install which allows us an easy way around any potential copyright issues since no data ever leaves our machine during this process once selected whatever option suits best press OK button await confirmation upon completion close out current window return back main Emulation screen run game pressing away enjoy!

How to Extract NSP or XCI file


In conclusion, decrypting an XCI file can be a tricky process but with the right steps and resources it is possible to do. With these tips you should now know what an XCI file is, how to open one, and how to properly decode it using tools like Hactool or NSC Builder. Keep in mind that you may need additional software if your system does not support the formats used by the decryption tools mentioned above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide on decoding XCI files – we hope it helped!

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