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What are Precision Kills in Destiny 2

Precision Kills are a type of kill in Destiny 2 that requires precision and accuracy to execute. These kills usually award more points than regular kills, and are often required for certain challenges and objectives. Precision Kills can be performed with any weapon, but some weapons are better suited for it than others.

Precision Kills are kills in Destiny 2 that require precision to land. These are usually headshots, but can also be shots to the body that deal critical damage. There are a few different ways to get Precision Kills in Destiny 2:

-Using a sniper rifle to get headshots on enemies -Using a pulse rifle or auto rifle to get critical hits on enemies -Sticky grenade kills (requires the grenade to stick to the enemy before exploding)

-Meleeing an enemy while they\’re low on health Precision Kills award more points than regular kills, and are necessary for completing some objectives. They can also be used to trigger certain effects, like making enemies explode or dropping power ups.



How Do You Get Precision Kills in Destiny?

In Destiny, a precision kill is defined as a kill that is achieved by using headshots with either primary or special weapons. To get precision kills, you will want to focus on landing headshots on your enemies. This can be done by aiming for the head and/or using scopes or other aim-assist features on your weapons.

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to get precision kills. First, not all weapons are capable of scoring precision kills. For example, shotguns and fusion rifles generally cannot score precision kills unless they have special perk that allows for it.

Second, some enemies are more resistant to Precision damage than others. For example, Vex Goblins have an increased resistance to Precision damage, making them harder to take down with headshots alone. One of the best ways to increase your chances of getting precision kills is to equip yourself with weapons that have high rates of fire and/or high impact values.

The higher the rate of fire, the more likely you are to land multiple headshots in quick succession; likewise, the higher the impact value, the more likely you are to score a one-shot kill with a single well-placed headshot. In addition, certain perks can further increase your chance of scoring Precision Kills; for example, the Marksman\’s Focus perk gives you a brief window of increased accuracy after each kill while Sharpshooter increases your chance of scoring Critical Hits (headshots) with sniper rifles by 25%. With all that said, there is no surefire way to guarantee Precision Kills every time; sometimes you will just miss or run into an enemy that is particularly resistant to those types of attacks.

However, following these tips should help you get more Precision Kills than if you were simply spraying bullets wildly and hoping for the best!

What is a Precision Weapon in Destiny 2?

Precision weapons are a type of weapon in Destiny 2 that require precision to hit enemies. These weapons include sniper rifles, hand cannons, and shotguns. They deal more damage than other weapon types, but only if you can hit your target.

Precision weapons are best used from a distance, where you can take your time to line up your shot.

What are Precision Blows in Destiny 2?

Precision blows are a type of attack in Destiny 2 that require more precision and accuracy than regular attacks. They deal more damage but are harder to land, making them best used against tougher enemies. To perform a precision blow, aim for an enemy\’s head or another weak spot and press the fire button.

How Do You Get Precision in Destiny 2?

There are a few things you need to do in order to get precision kills in Destiny 2. First, you need to make sure you have the right weapon equipped. A precision weapon is typically a sniper rifle or a hand cannon.

Second, you need to find cover or take advantage of high ground so that you can line up your shots. Third, you need to aim for the head or another critical spot on your enemy. And finally, you need to be patient and take your time with each shot.

If you rush your shots, you\’re less likely to hit your target.

What Is Precision Damage In Destiny 2 – How To Get Precision Kills Or Hits – New Light Guide 2021

What is Precision Damage in Destiny 2

Precision Damage is a type of damage in Destiny 2 that is more effective against enemies with shields. This damage type can be inflicted by weapons, abilities, and supers.

What are Precision Final Blows in Destiny 2

Precision final blows are a type of damage that can be dealt in Destiny 2. They are a guaranteed critical hit and deal increased damage. Precision final blows can be dealt with any weapon that has the precision modifier, including sniper rifles, bows, and hand cannons.

To get a precision final blow, simply aim for an enemy\’s head.

Destiny 2 Precision Kills Farm

Precision Kills are a type of bonus damage that can be inflicted in Destiny 2. They are most commonly associated with Sniper Rifles, but can be performed with any weapon that has the precision damage modifier. Precision Kills award additional damage and are often required for certain challenges and Triumphs.

There are a few ways to farm Precision Kills, but the most efficient method is to use a Sniper Rifle with the trait called \”Headseeker\”. This trait increases the amount of precision damage dealt to an opponent\’s head. To find enemies that are susceptible to Headseeker shots, load into The Crucible playlist \”Breakthrough\” and look for opponents using Energy Shields.

These enemies will have their heads exposed when their shields drop, making them easy targets for Headseeker shots. Another good place to find such targets is in the \”Escalation Protocol\” activity on Mars. Once you\’ve found your target, line up a shot and fire away!

With a little practice, you\’ll be racking up those Precision Kills in no time!

Best Weapon for Precision Kills Destiny 2

Precision kills are a critical aspect of Destiny 2, and finding the right weapon for the job can be difficult. There are a few weapons that stand out above the rest when it comes to precision killing, however. The first is the Scout Rifle.

Scout Rifles are great for picking off enemies at medium to long range, and they have a high degree of accuracy. If you can find a good spot to perch yourself, a Scout Rifle can be an extremely effective tool for taking down enemy Guardians. Another great option for precision killing is the Pulse Rifle.

Pulse Rifles have slightly less range than Scout Rifles, but they make up for it with a higher rate of fire. This makes them ideal for taking down groups of enemies, or quickly dispatching targets that get too close for comfort. Lastly, Sniper Rifles are perhaps the best weapons in Destiny 2 for precision kills at long range.

While they require more skill to use effectively than either Scout Rifles or Pulse Rifles, Sniper Rifles can take down even the toughest foes with ease if used correctly. If you\’re looking to add some extra firepower to your arsenal and improve your precision kill skills, any one of these weapons would be a great choice.


Precision kills are a type of kill in Destiny 2 that require the player to hit a specific weak point on an enemy. These weak points are usually located in the head or chest, and will often be highlighted with a red glow. Precision kills will deal more damage than regular body shots, and can often be the difference between life and death in a firefight.