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How to Win Dragon Draw Dragonvale

To win Dragon Draw in Dragonvale, you must first find the Golden Piggy Bank with the hidden key inside. This can be done by exploring all of the islands or buying it from other players. Once you have found it, use the key to unlock a secret chest which will contain an enchanted dragon egg.

Place this egg in your hatchery and wait for it to hatch; when it does, you will get a rare dragon (or two!) that is incredibly powerful and valuable. Feeding this dragon regularly with treats will increase its stats even more! Finally, enter into tournaments with your new dragon and let them show off their strength – if they come out on top, then congratulations – you’ve won Dragon Draws!

  • Collect dragons that can produce rare hybrid eggs: In order to win Dragon Draw in Dragonvale, you will need to collect as many dragons that are capable of producing rare hybrid eggs as possible
  • These hybrids have a higher chance of being drawn from the Dragon Draw Chest and so increasing your chances at winning
  • Purchase more gems: Gems are necessary for opening the chest and so purchasing more gems is essential if you want to increase your chances of winning the game
  • You can purchase gems with real money or obtain them through activities such as breeding dragons in-game or watching advertisements online
  • Open the chest often: The best way to win Dragon Draw is by opening the chest often, because this increases your odds of getting a rare dragon each time you open it up! Make sure you don’t forget to check back on it every once in awhile since these chests only stay open for limited amounts of time before they close again! 4
  • Trade with other players: Trading with other players is an excellent way to get rarer dragons faster than trying to breed them yourself, which takes quite a bit longer (and sometimes luck!)
  • If you find another player who has something special that you need, then make sure not hesitate too long before making a trade and obtaining what could be an incredibly powerful dragon!

Dragonvale Sandbox

Dragonvale Sandbox is a free iOS and Android app that allows players to explore the world of DragonVale in a safe, sandbox environment. It features an expansive environment with plenty of activities for users to enjoy, such as building habitats for various dragons, playing minigames, competing in tournaments, and more. With no risk involved and plenty of fun activities to keep you engaged, DragonVale Sandbox is an excellent way to pass time while also getting familiar with the game’s mechanics.

How to Get Every Dragon in Dragonvale

The key to collecting all dragons in Dragonvale is patience and dedication. To get every dragon, you must breed new combinations of dragons or purchase them from the market. You can also obtain some exclusive rare dragons by completing special events or participating in limited-time offers available through the game.

With these methods combined, you should eventually be able to collect each and every dragon in Dragonvale!

Elkar Dragon Dragonvale

Elkar Dragons are one of the rarest dragon species found in DragonVale, an immensely popular mobile game. Elkar Dragons have a unique combination of characteristics that make them both powerful and beautiful. They possess vibrant red-orange scales with streaks of yellow along their bellies and backs.

Elkar Dragons also have a special ability to create firestorms when they fly around the world’s islands—a skill that makes them valuable allies in battles against other players or dragons.

Divi Dragon Dragonvale

Divi Dragon is a rare and exclusive dragon in the popular game, DragonVale. It was released on November 2nd, 2013 as part of the Divi-Dragon event. It can be obtained by breeding two dragons with elements from Air and Water.

The Divi Dragon stands out for its unique appearance which includes bright blue eyes, purple fins, and white wings that look like clouds. This majestic creature also has an impressive set of abilities such as power to heal other dragons or to cast spells that generate coins.

Vintage Dragons Dragonvale

Vintage Dragons are a fan favorite in the popular mobile game, Dragonvale. These dragons can be bred by combining two different element types and have a unique design that dates back to when the game first came out. Vintage dragons also give higher rewards than regular dragons, making them highly sought after by players looking for an edge in their dragon collection.

How to Win Dragon Draw Dragonvale


What is the Rarest Dragon to Breed in Dragonvale?

The rarest dragon to breed in Dragonvale is the Rainbow Dragon. This majestic beast is a combination of all five basic elements – Air, Earth, Fire, Plant and Water – which makes it a highly sought-after creature. While most dragons can be bred through various combinations of two basic elements, the Rainbow Dragon requires four specific elemental pairs to be combined in order for it to take form.

The first pair must consist of an Air and Plant type dragon; then an Earth and Plant type; followed by a Fire and Water type dragon; with the final pair being an Air and Water type. Once these four steps are completed successfully, you’ll have yourself one beautiful Rainbow Dragon! Unfortunately however, due to its rarity, this special dragon often comes with quite a hefty price tag attached when traded between players or on auction sites such as eBay or Craigslist.

Nevertheless if you do manage to find one at an affordable rate then consider yourself lucky because owning a Rainbow Dragon truly is something special!

What is the Best Dragon to Get in Dragonvale?

If you’re looking for the best dragon to get in Dragonvale, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. First off, what kind of game play do you prefer? If you like battles and adventures, then dragons with high attack and defense stats might be your best bet.

On the other hand, if you prefer puzzle solving or strategy games, then dragons with abilities that can help solve puzzles or give strategic advantages may be your top priority. Secondly, which elements of the game appeal most to you? Are fire breathing dragons more exciting than water breathing ones?

Or perhaps plant-based dragons catch your fancy? Whatever type of dragon appeals most to you will be the one that’s best suited for your style of playing. Finally, don’t forget about looks!

Some players find certain types of designs more appealing than others – so making sure whatever dragon you choose has a look that fits within your personal aesthetic is important too! With all this taken into account it should be easy to pick out the perfect dragon for any player’s particular needs.

How Do You Draw a Dragon Sketch?

Drawing a dragon sketch can be a fun and exciting way to express your creativity. Start by finding an image of a dragon you like, either from the internet or in books. Once you have that image in front of you, look carefully at the shape and details of it so that you can recreate it on paper.

If possible, use reference points like circles or grids to help keep everything symmetrical when drawing out your sketch. When starting with light pencil strokes create the outline of what will be your dragon sketch – remember to add lines for wings, tail and legs wherever necessary! From there begin adding any details such as scales, claws, horns etc., making sure to draw them lightly until they are all where you want them.

Then darken each line with precision and accuracy; this is where having those reference points comes into play again as they’ll help make sure everything looks balanced once finished. Finally erase any extra pencil marks before using colored pencils or markers if desired to give your masterpiece some added depth and color!

How Do You Draw a Dragon Head Step by Step?

Drawing a dragon head is not as challenging as it might seem. First, start with a basic outline of the shape you want your dragon to have. On paper or canvas, draw two curves that come together at one end and then out again on either side in order to create the head shape.

Next add eyes and nostrils near the top of the curve. Then use curved lines to make snout shapes for the mouth and nose area of your dragon’s face. Add details such as eyebrows, horns, teeth or scales depending on what type of dragon you are drawing.

Don’t forget ears too! Once this is complete, begin coloring in sections using different shades to give texture and depth to your creation. Lastly finish up by adding highlights and shadows so that your drawing stands out from its surroundings!

With these simple steps anyone can draw an impressive looking dragon head with ease!

Dragonvale ep 7 (Dragon Draw)


Overall, the strategies listed in this blog post provide a great starting point for those looking to win Dragon Draw Dragonvale. With focus and dedication you can become an expert at this game and have lots of fun while winning prizes that will make your friends jealous. Remember to practice and always watch videos online if you get stuck with any puzzles or have trouble understanding how certain levels work.

Good luck!

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