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How to Sharpen Nars Lip Pencil

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If you\’re like me, you love your Nars lip pencils. But after a while, they start to get dull and need to be sharpened. Here\’s how to do it:

First, find a good sharpener that will fit the pencil. I like the ones that have two holes – one for thin pencils and one for thick pencils. Put the lip pencil in the hole that fits best and start twisting.

Be careful not to twist too hard or you\’ll break the lead inside the pencil. Just twist until the point is nice and sharp. Once you\’re done, wipe off any excess lead from the sharpener with a tissue or cloth.

And that\’s it! Your Nars lip pencil is now ready for action!

  • Begin by lining the lips with the lip pencil, starting from the outer corners and working inwards
  • Next, use a lip brush to blend the pencil liner into the lips for a more natural look
  • To sharpen the pencil, start by twisting off the cap and then removing any excess product from the tip of the pencil with a tissue
  • Next, hold the sharpener up to the base of the pencil and twist it clockwise a few times until you see new product being sharpened away
  • Finally, replace the cap on your lip pencil and enjoy your newly-sharpened makeup!

Drugstore Dupe for Nars Lip Pencil Sharpener with Demo

Can You Sharpen Nars Lipstick Pencil?

The answer is yes, you can sharpen Nars lipstick pencils. All you need is a good quality sharpener that will not damage the lipstick pencil tip. We recommend using a makeup pencil sharpener that has two holes of different sizes.

This way, you can choose the smaller hole for thinner lipsticks and the larger hole for thicker lipsticks.

Can You Sharpen Nars?

Nars is a high-end makeup brand known for its quality products. Its lipsticks, foundations, and eyeshadows are especially popular among beauty enthusiasts. While the company\’s products are generally quite durable, they will eventually need to be replaced.

However, you can extend the life of your Nars makeup by taking care of it properly and storing it correctly. Additionally, you can also sharpen most Nars pencils to help them last longer.

How Do Nars Lip Pencils Work?

If you\’re looking for a versatile lip pencil that can be used to create a range of looks, from natural to bold, then you need to check out Nars lip pencils. These high-pigment pencils provide long-lasting color and come in a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones. Here\’s everything you need to know about how Nars lip pencils work.

Nars lip pencils are made with a blend of emollients and pigments that allow for easy application and long-lasting color. The pigments are rich and highly saturated, so just a few strokes is all you need for intense color payoff. And because the formula is infused with emollients, it glides on smoothly without tugging or pulling at your lips.

One of the best things about Nars lip pencils is that they\’re super versatile. You can use them to line your lips, fill them in completely, or even just dab them on for a hint of color. They also make great bases for lipstick or gloss, helping your makeup look last longer.

Plus, with such a wide range of shades available, there\’s sure to be a perfect match for every occasion. So whether you\’re after a natural look or something more dramatic, give Nars lip pencils a try – you won\’t be disappointed!

How Do You Sharpen Lip Pencil?

Lip pencils can be sharpened with any type of sharpener, but for best results, use a small, handheld sharpener made specifically for lip pencils. To sharpen your lip pencil, start by twisting the pencil until the tip is exposed. Next, insert the tip of the pencil into the sharpener and twist it in a clockwise motion until you see shavings coming out of the other end.

Be sure to stop before you get too close to the metal casing on the inside of the sharpener, as this can damage your lip pencil. Finally, remove the lid from your lipstick or lip gloss and twist the newly-sharpened lip pencil into it to apply.



How to Sharpen Nars Lip Pencil Without Sharpener

If you\’re like me, you love your Nars lip pencils. But sometimes, when you go to use them, they\’re dull and need to be sharpened. And if you don\’t have a sharpener on hand, that can be a pain.

Fortunately, there\’s an easy way to sharpen your Nars lip pencil without a sharpener. Here\’s what you\’ll need: -A small piece of sandpaper (I used 220 grit)

-A small knife or exacto blade -A steady hand! First, take your sandpaper and gently sand the tip of the pencil until it\’s nice and sharp.

Be careful not to press too hard or you\’ll damage the wood beneath the lead. Once it\’s sufficiently sharpened, wipe off any debris with a damp cloth. Next, take your knife or exacto blade and carefully remove the metal ferrule from the end of the pencil.

You may need to wiggle it back and forth a bit to get it started, but it should come off relatively easily. Once the ferrule is removed, discard it (or save it for another use).

How to Sharpen Nars Jumbo Lip Pencil

If you\’re like me, you love your Nars Jumbo Lip Pencils. But after a while, they start to get dull and need to be sharpened. Here\’s how to do it:

1. Start with a clean, dry pencil sharpener. If your sharpener is dull, your pencil will be too. 2. Insert the lip pencil into the sharpener at a slight angle, about 45 degrees.

3. Apply gentle pressure and sharpen the pencil in short, slow strokes until you have a nice point. Don\’t overdo it or you\’ll end up with a nub! 4. Wipe off any excess product from the tip of the pencil and voila – you\’re ready to go!

Nars Satin Lip Pencil Discontinued

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien has been discontinued and it is no longer available for purchase. This pencil was part of the NARS Fall 2015 collection and it was a limited edition shade. The color was a deep plum with reddish undertones and it had a satin finish.

It was very pigmented and lasted long on the lips. I am sad to see this pencil go because it was one of my favorite shades from NARS. If you loved this shade, be sure to stock up on it while you still can!


If you\’re a fan of Nars lip pencils, you know that they make your lips look amazing. But did you know that you can also use them to sharpen your other makeup pencils? Here\’s how:

First, find a sharpener that fits the size of your Nars lip pencil. Next, place the point of the sharpener on the side of the pencil and twist slowly. Be careful not to press too hard – you don\’t want to break the lead.

Once the lead is sharpened, wipe off any excess product from the tip with a tissue. And that\’s it! You now have a perfectly sharpened makeup pencil that will help you create flawless looks.