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How to Pronounce Tzeentch

Tzeentch is a chaos god in the Warhammer universe. His name is pronounced “Zeen-tch”.

  • Tzeentch is pronounced “Zeench”
  • The ‘Tz’ is pronounced like a ‘ts’ sound
  • The ‘ee’ is pronounced like the ‘i’ in “bird”
  • The ‘n’ is pronounced like the ‘n’ in “nice”
  • The ‘ch’ is pronounced like the ‘ch’ in “church”

Slaanesh Pronunciation

Slaanesh is the Chaos God of excess, pleasure, and decadence. His followers are hedonists who pursue their own desires without regard for others. Slaanesh is also known as the Lord of Pleasures, the Prince of Excess, and the Dark Prince.

The correct pronunciation of Slaanesh is “slah-NAY-sheez”.

Tzeentch 40K

In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Tzeentch is the Chaos God of Change, mutation, ambition and schemes. He is one of the four major Chaos Gods, and his followers are known as the Chaos Marines or Heretic Astartes. Tzeentch’s symbols are a many-eyed creature called a Changeling, and a six-pointed star called the Seal of Tzeentch.

His favoured creatures are the Pink Horrors and Flamers. Tzeentch’s ultimate goal is to bring about change in all things, eventually leading to his own ultimate ascension. In the meantime, he encourages his followers to pursue their own goals and ambitions, often causing conflict between them.

This suits Tzeentch well, as he enjoys watching mortals scheme and fight against each other; it is all part of his grand plan. While Tzeentch’s followers are often seen as being somewhat chaotic themselves, they are actually quite disciplined in their pursuit of change. They believe that only through constant change can they hope to achieve their goals – no matter how small or incremental those changes may be.

This makes them very dangerous foes indeed, for they are always adapting and evolving to better suit their needs. If you’re looking for an army that is constantly changing and evolving, then look no further than Tzeentch’s forces!

Chaos Gods

Chaos Gods, also known as the Dark Gods or the Ruinous Powers, are powerful entities who personify the Chaos of the Warp in Warhammer 40,000. They are malevolent and destructive beings that seek to enslave all life in the material universe. The Chaos Gods are often worshipped by Heretics and Chaos Space Marines who have turned away from the Emperor of Mankind.

The four main Chaos Gods are Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh. Each God represents a different aspect of Chaos; Khorne is the God of anger and bloodshed, Tzeentch is the God of change and manipulation, Nurgle is the God of disease and death, and Slaanesh is the God of excess and pleasure. There are many other minor Chaos Gods who represent less common aspects of chaos such as greed or ambition.

The Chaos Gods exist in a state of constant flux, their power ebbing and flowing as they battle for supremacy against each other. Worshippers of one god may find their prayers answered by another if that god is currently more powerful. The only way to gain true favour with a Chaos God is through offering them sacrifices; these can be anything from blood to souls to entire worlds.

The worship of Chaos Gods is a dangerous path that leads only to madness and destruction. Those who walk this path risk losing their very souls to these dark entities. But for some, the power and rewards offered by the Chaos Gods are too great to resist…

How to Pronounce Tzeentch


How Do You Pronounce Tzeentch Warhammer?

The correct pronunciation for the Warhammer deity Tzeentch is “zeentch,” not “tzeentch.” The name of the god is derived from the Chaos god of the same name in Warhammer Fantasy, and both pronunciations are considered acceptable by Games Workshop.

How Do You Pronounce Khorne?

The correct pronunciation of Khorne is “k-hawrn”. The “kh” sound is made by expelling air through the back of the throat while making a guttural noise. The “o” sound is short and sharp, like the sound made when saying the word “off”.

The final “e” is pronounced with a long, drawn out vowel sound.

Enter the World of Tzeentch | Total War: WARHAMMER III


The blog post begins by asking the reader if they know how to pronounce Tzeentch. It then goes on to explain that Tzeentch is a Chaos God in the Warhammer universe and that his name is pronounced “Zeen-ch”. The blog post then gives some tips on how to pronounce other names in the Warhammer universe, such as Khorne and Nurgle.

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