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How to Get Aqua Jet on Azumarill

To get the Aqua Jet move for your Azumarill in Pokemon games, you must first locate a Water Stone, which can be found at various locations throughout the game. Once you have acquired one, use it on your Azumarill while they’re still in their base form. Doing so will cause them to evolve into an Azumarill with the Aqua Jet ability.

If your Azumarill already has the ability when evolving with a Water Stone, then it will just gain additional experience points instead. Additionally, certain wild Marills and its pre-evolved form of Azurill may already know this move naturally when encountered in battle or through trading with other trainers.

  • Reach Level 18: In order to get Aqua Jet on Azumarill, you must first reach level 18 with it
  • This can be done by battling wild Pokémon and trainers or by using Rare Candies
  • Obtain HM03 Surf: The move Aqua Jet is a Water-type attack that requires the use of HM03 Surf in order to learn it
  • You must obtain this HM from either an NPC or through trading for it from another player
  • 3
  • Teach Aquajet To Azumarill : Once you have obtained the HM03 Surf, make sure Azumarill is at least level 18 before teaching it the move Aqua Jet; otherwise, the game will not allow you to teach the move to your Pokémon
  • Use the TM/HM option at any Pokemon center and select “Teach Move” followed by selecting “Aqua Jet” as the desired move for your Pokémon to learn
  • 4
  • Confirm That Your Pokemon Has Learned The Move : After teaching your pokemon its new move, confirm that it has been learned successfully by opening up its stats page in-game and looking under moveset tab where aqua jet should now appear if all steps were completed correctly!

How to Get Aqua Jet on Azumarill Violet

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Aqua Jet move for your Azumarill Violet, you can do so by training them up to Level 33. Once they reach that level, they’ll learn Aqua Jet as a new move and will be able to use it in battle!

How to Get Aqua Jet on Azumarill Bdsp

Obtaining Aqua Jet on Azumarill in Pokémon Black & White 2 is a relatively simple process. First, you must acquire an Azurill with the Egg Move Aqua Jet from either another player or by breeding; once it has been acquired, simply level up your Azurill to evolve it into an Azumarill and it will come equipped with the move! It’s important to note that while this method works for any generation of games after Black & White 2, obtaining Aqua Jet through breeding may not be available if playing on older versions.

How to Get Aqua Jet on Azumarill Pokemon Scarlet

The Aqua Jet move can be learned by Azumarill in Pokemon Scarlet by leveling up the pokemon to level 41. This is a very useful move for battling, as it allows Azumarill to attack first and do extra damage if the opponent uses an attack that same turn. To make sure you have the correct version of Aqua Jet, go to your Pokemon’s summary page and make sure it has a max PP of 10 rather than 5 or 8.

Azumarill Aqua Jet Violet

Azumarill Aqua Jet Violet is an incredibly powerful move available to the Water-type Pokemon Azumarill. This move has a base power of 40 and has the ability to ignore any stat reduction effects that have been inflicted on the opponent. Additionally, it also has a 20% chance of inflicting a burn status effect on its target, making it one of the most formidable moves in Azumarill’s repertoire.

When Does Azumarill Learn Aqua Jet

Azumarill learns Aqua Jet at level 45 in both its evolution stages, Marill and Azumarill. The move is a powerful Water-type attack which deals physical damage to opponents and has an increased priority of +2. This makes it ideal for surprise attacks on foes with higher speed stats than your own Pokemon.

How to Get Aqua Jet on Azumarill


How Do I Get Aqua Jet to Azumarill?

Aqua Jet is a move that can be learned by Azumarill, the water/fairy-type Pokemon. To get Aqua Jet on your Azumarill, you’ll need to use either a TM or an HM in order to teach it the move. TMs are found throughout various different places in the game – they can sometimes be bought at PokeMarts, earned as rewards for completing certain challenges or battles, and even given away for free by NPCs!

HMs require you to find them within each region of the game; often times these are located deep inside caves or other difficult-to-reach locations. Once you’ve obtained one of these items (either a TM or an HM), make sure that your Azumarill has enough PP slots available so that it can learn Aqua Jet – if not, it won’t be able to learn the move regardless! Finally, head over to any Pokemon Center and speak with one of the nurses there – she will help you teach your beloved ‘mon Aqua Jet in no time at all.

Good luck training up your new battle partner!

How Do You Get Aqua Jet And Belly Drum on Azumarill Bdsp?

Azumarill is a Water and Fairy-type Pokémon, known for its massive Strength stat and ability to use moves like Aqua Jet and Belly Drum. The combination of these two powerful moves can be used to make Azumarill an incredibly formidable Pokémon in battle, but how do you get both of them on the same Azumarill? Fortunately, getting Aqua Jet and Belly Drum on an Azumarill isn’t too difficult.

First off, you’ll need to obtain an Azurill with the egg move Aqua Jet by breeding a male Marill or Azumarill with a female Marill that knows Aqua Jet. Once the egg hatches into an Azuril (or evolves into one if it was obtained through other methods), then all that’s left is teaching it Belly Drum. You can teach your newly hatched/evolved Azurell this move through TMs or by having another Pokemon learn it via Move Tutors; whichever method you choose will work as long as your Azurell learns both moves eventually.

With both moves learned, your Azurell should now have access to some truly devastating combinations in battle!

How Do You Get the Belly Drum on Azumarill in Scarlet?

Azumarill is a powerful Water/Fairy-type Pokemon that has the ability to learn the move Belly Drum. This move allows Azumarill to raise its attack stat at the cost of half of its maximum HP. In order to get access to this move, you must first obtain an Azumarill in Scarlet and then use a Heart Scale on it so that it can learn Belly Drum from a Move Tutor.

Once acquired, you will need enough points in your Contest Pass for Charmander’s School for an Elite Four member or higher rank before being able to access this tutor. After teaching Azumarill Belly Drum, you can further increase its effectiveness by giving it items such as Leftovers or Life Orb which restore some of its HP when used in battle. With all these elements combined, you will be able to make full use out of the amazing power that comes with having Belly Drum on your team!

Does Aqua Jet Have a Tm?

Yes, Aqua Jet does have a trademark. The company has registered their brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to their registration records, Aqua Jet was first established in 1992 and the associated mark was registered on August 1st of that same year.

As stated in the record, this trademark is for “machines for cleaning surfaces”, which includes the popular high-pressure water jet system used by many businesses to clean surfaces quickly and efficiently. The current status of this mark is “live/registered” meaning that all rights reserved by Aqua Jet are valid and enforceable. Any attempts to use or replicate its name or logo without permission will be met with legal action from the owner of this trademark.

With over 25 years of experience providing quality surface cleaning services around the world, it is no surprise that Aqua Jet continues to protect its valuable intellectual property by registering its trademarks with USPTO.

How to Teach Azumarill/Marill Aqua Jet and Belly drum in 9th Generation


In conclusion, learning how to get Aqua Jet on Azumarill can be a great way to diversify your Pokémon team. With its high speed and powerful attack, the move can help you gain an edge over opponents in battle. Additionally, it is one of the few moves that Azumarill can learn that is capable of hitting flying-type Pokémon.

By following this guide, you will be able to add Aqua Jet to your strategies in no time!

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