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How to Draw Kanye West Bear

1. Begin by sketching an oval shape for the head of the bear. 2. Draw two horizontal lines coming from each side of the oval, which will serve as a guide for the eyes and nose position. 3. Sketch two small circles inside of the eye guides to form Kanye West Bear’s eyes and one circle in between them at the top for his nose.

4. Add curved lines on both sides of each eye to make eyelashes, then draw eyebrows above each eye arching slightly upward towards the center line representing his nose bridge, with a slight curve downward near your edges to create a frowny expression . 5 Make sure to leave some space between KW Bear’s eyes because he has deep set eyes! Add two circular shapes below his nose bridge for cheeks and shade them lightly so they look rounder when you add color later on!

6 Outline your drawing with black pen or marker if needed and erase any extra pencil lines that are still visible before adding any color or texture details like fur/hair pattern etc.. Finally add colors according to your preference – blue & white is traditional but feel free to be creative!

  • Choose your drawing materials: Get a piece of paper and some pencils or pens to draw with
  • Outline the shape of the bear’s head: Start by sketching an oval shape for the face, adding two slightly curved lines at either end for ears
  • Sketch in details: Add facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers to give it more character and expression – take inspiration from Kanye’s signature smiley face logo if you like! 4
  • Draw in the fur detail: Use short strokes all over the head to create a furry texture – be sure to add extra around the ears for added effect
  • Color in your bear : Fill in areas with color using felt-tip pens or colored pencils if desired – try out different colors such as pink and purple inspired by Kanye’s vibrant style!
How to Draw Kanye West Bear


What is Kanye’S Bear Called?

Kanye West’s bear is named Dropout Bear. Named after his debut album, the bear serves as a mascot for Kanye and his music career. Dropout Bear is recognizable by its red polo shirt with “Dropout” written on it, blue jeans and white Adidas sneakers.

Additionally, the bear has bright yellow eyes and a black nose. Kanye often uses this character to promote himself or his projects, as he did when he dropped his most recent album titled “Jesus Is King” in October 2019. He used an animated version of Dropout Bear to tease fans about the project before it was released officially.

The success of Jesus Is King proves that people are still interested in what Kanye does musically despite some tumultuous years for him personally and professionally since 2013’s Yeezus era.

Who Drew the Bear for Kanye?

The iconic bear that appears on the cover of Kanye West’s 2008 album, 808s & Heartbreak, was drawn by a Chicago-based artist named George Condo. Condo is an American artist who has been active in the art world since 1980 and is best known for his satirical works. He created the famous bear after being commissioned to do so by West himself.

The image features a blue cartoon-style bear with tears running down its face and wearing headphones, representing heartache and loneliness—themes that resonate throughout much of the project’s music. While it may seem like a simple creation at first glance, there’s actually quite a bit of symbolism in the painting; from its bright colors to its unique subject matter, this painting tells a story about what Kanye was feeling during this difficult time in his life. The artwork itself has become almost as recognizable as some of Kanye’s most popular songs off this album and further solidifies Condo as one of America’s top contemporary artists today.

What Does the Kanye Bear Mean?

Kanye Bear is the unofficial mascot for Kanye West, one of the most influential musicians of our time. It’s a representation of his unique style and attitude, as well as an homage to his roots. The bear was originally designed by artist Joe Perez in 2006 and has become widely recognized across all mediums.

From clothing designs to celebrity appearances, Kanye Bear has become a symbol of West’s success and influence on popular culture. While the origin story behind this iconic character remains mysterious, it is thought that Kanye chose this particular animal because bears are believed to represent strength and courage – two qualities that have helped define him since he began his career. With its signature red eyes, ears and paws, the Kanye Bear has come to embody everything we love about West: creativity, intelligence and ambition.

As one of today’s biggest stars in music and fashion, there’s no doubt that the legacy of Kanye Bear will continue long after he hangs up his mic for good!

How Do You Draw a Easy Teddy Bear?

Drawing a teddy bear is an enjoyable and rewarding activity that can be done by anyone. To start, draw two circles side-by-side – one slightly larger than the other – to form the head and body. Then, draw two small ovals for the ears, connecting them to either side of the smaller circle with lines.

Next, add a curved line beneath both circles for the legs and feet. After that, you can customize your teddy bear by adding facial features such as eyes (two dots), nose (a triangle or heart shape) and mouth (an upside down U-shape). Finally, give your bear fur detailing using short wavy lines around its face and body for a fuzzy look!

With practice comes perfection so keep at it until you’re happy with your work!

How To Draw Kanye West Ye Dropout Bear Mascot – Art Tutorial

How To Draw Kanye West Ye Dropout Bear Mascot - Art Tutorial


This blog post provided a helpful guide to drawing the iconic Kanye West Bear. With its easy-to-follow instructions and detailed illustrations, anyone can learn how to draw this popular character. After reading through this tutorial, you should now be able to confidently create your own version of the Kanye West Bear!

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