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How to Counter Xerath Support

Countering Xerath support can be done by picking champions that have the ability to easily close in on him. Champions with mobility abilities, such as Ahri, Ezreal, and LeBlanc are excellent choices for this. Try to pick a champion with CC abilities or an attack range as long as his (or longer).

This will make it difficult for him to hit you from a distance while you try to get close enough to land your own spells. Additionally, make sure that you’re always aware of his positioning and keep vision control on objectives so he won’t catch you off guard. Lastly, buy items such as Abyssal Mask/Zhonyas Hourglass/Quicksilver Sash which will provide protection against his ultimate while also granting additional stats beneficial for laning phase.

  • Step 1: Play Aggressively – The best way to counter Xerath is to play aggressively
  • Try and get in his face early on, as this will make it harder for him to land his abilities
  • This can be done by going in for trades or pushing up the lane with minions when he tries to farm
  • Step 2: Dodge His Abilities – A key point of countering Xerath’s abilities is dodging them whenever you can
  • To do this, try and stay out of range while also predicting where he may cast his spells so that you can move away from them before they hit you
  • Step 3: Take Advantage Of Poor Positioning – If Xerath mispositions himself then take advantage of it immediately by punishing him with your own abilities or crowd control (CC)
  • Make sure you don’t overextend though, as there might be other enemies nearby who could help him out if things become too risky for him
  • Step 4: Use Your Mobility – If all else fails then use your mobility skills to dodge Xerath’s spells and engage onto him when possible
  • When doing this try and focus on getting close enough so that his spells won’t miss but far enough away so that he has no chance of retaliating back at you successfully – timing is everything here!

Who Counters Xerath Mid

Xerath is a powerful mid lane mage with an amazing long range and high burst damage. In order to counter him, it is best to pick champions that have mobility, crowd control abilities, and sustained damage. Champions like Kassadin, Ahri, Diana, Fizz and Zed are all good picks against Xerath as they can dodge his spells easily while dishing out plenty of damage themselves.

Keep in mind that countering Xerath largely depends on the player’s skill level so the better you get at playing your champion the easier it will be for you to win against Xerath.

Xerath Support Counter Reddit

Xerath is a powerful support champion in League of Legends, and many players have found success using him in their games. However, it’s important to know who he counters and who counters him so you can make the best decisions when playing as or against Xerath. Luckily, Reddit has a helpful thread that outlines which champions are strong against Xerath and which ones are weak.

By taking advantage of this information, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of playing with or against Xerath!

Xerath Build

When it comes to building Xerath, the first thing to consider is his range. As a long-range mage, players should focus on increasing their attack damage output and ability power in order to maximize Xerath’s unique skillset. For items, look at options like Rabadon’s Deathcap, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Void Staff and Liandry’s Torment for optimal item builds.

Additionally, runes such as Electrocute and Manaflow Band are also great choices for further enhancing your offensive capabilities. Finally, summoner spells such as Flash and Ignite will help you secure kills from afar or escape dangerous situations.

Xerath Bottom Build

Xerath is a powerful mage in League of Legends, and building him as an AD Carry in the bottom lane can be incredibly effective. When playing bottom lane Xerath, it is important to focus on maximizing his damage output with items like Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff for extra magic penetration. Additionally, runes such as Electrocute and Celerity provide bonuses to attack speed which synergize well with Xerath’s abilities.

With proper rune selection, item builds, and team coordination, a successful Xerath Bottom Build can be unstoppable!

Xerath Support Reddit

Xerath Support Reddit is a community dedicated to providing support and information for players of the game Xerath. Players can connect with each other, seek help from knowledgeable members of the community, discuss strategies, share news about updates and events, and more. It’s an invaluable resource for any fan of the game looking to get all they can out of their experience.

How to Counter Xerath Support


How Do You Counter Xerath Support?

Countering a Xerath support can be difficult, but it is possible. The first step is to understand how he works and what his strengths are. Xerath’s kit revolves around long-range poke with his auto attacks and abilities, so the key to countering him is closing the gap between you and him.

To do this, try to predict where your opponent will move next so that you can position yourself accordingly. If they are planning on using their E (Shocking Orb) or R (Rite of the Arcane), use mobility spells such as Flash or Ghost to dash away from them before they can land those abilities on you. You should also keep in mind that most of Xerath’s damage comes from his ultimate ability (Arcanopulse), which has a lengthy cooldown; if it’s down, feel free to engage without fear of massive damage coming your way!

Finally, make sure that you have plenty of vision control so that your team knows when he is repositioning himself for an attack or ulting someone else – this will help ensure that no one gets caught off guard by any surprise plays!

How Do You Fight against Xerath?

Xerath is a powerful mage in the game League of Legends, and defeating him requires strategy and skill. The key to success against Xerath is understanding his abilities, including his ultimate ability which can do massive amounts of damage from far away. In order to fight Xerath effectively, you need to ensure that your team’s focus is on taking out enemy champions first before going for objectives like turrets or inhibitors.

When fighting Xerath himself, it’s important to stay out of range of his abilities so he can’t hit you with them. You should also keep an eye on where he places his stuns as they will often be placed behind enemies in order to maximize their effect. Finally, make sure you have enough crowd control available so that when he does use his ultimate ability or any other damaging spells, your allies can quickly disable him and prevent further damage.

By following these steps and playing with teamwork and coordination, it’s possible to successfully defeat even the toughest opponents such as Xerath!

What Adc is Good against Xerath?

For players looking to counter Xerath, a good ADC is essential. A champion with strong range and mobility can outplay the mage in lane and teamfights. Caitlyn is one of the better choices for this role due to her long range poking capabilities and the safety she provides from her net traps.

Ashe also works well against Xerath as her kit allows her to easily kite him while dealing damage from afar with Volley or Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Vayne’s mobility gives her an edge in skirmishes where being mobile is key for avoiding Xerath’s skillshots. Lastly, Tristana offers great burst potential when paired with proper positioning that makes it easy for her to stay away from his spells while still delivering tons of damage at close-range before retreating safely using Rocket Jump.

What Champs Go Best With Xerath Support?

Xerath is one of the best support champions in League of Legends, and he has a unique set of skills that make him an ideal pick for any team composition. He’s incredibly versatile, able to provide both utility and damage depending on what your team needs. When it comes to pairing Xerath with other champs for optimal success, there are several good choices.

For protection from hard engage, Thresh or Blitzcrank can be great picks as they have strong crowd control abilities that can keep enemies away from Xerath while still providing enough disruption and pressure to give him room to work his magic. If you’re looking for more offensive power in your compositions then Janna or Lulu are both excellent picks as their shield abilities allow Xerath to deal extra burst damage without taking too much risk himself. Lastly, if you need some extra healing/sustain then Soraka or Nami can fit the bill nicely due their powerful heals and buffs which will help keep everyone alive during long fights.

All in all, these are just a few suggestions but ultimately it’s up to you how you want your team composition built around Xerath!

Counter Xerath Support in 60 Seconds #shorts


In conclusion, mastering how to counter Xerath support is an important step in becoming a successful League of Legends player. Knowing when and where to place your wards, as well as which champions are the most effective against him will give you a major edge over opponents who don’t know how to respond. With practice, you can become an expert at countering Xerath support and improve your overall game play.

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