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How to Beat Ansem

To beat Ansem, you must first understand his attack pattern. He will alternate between long-range and close-range attacks, so be sure to keep your distance when he starts casting spells. When he charges up for a close-range attack, dodge out of the way and counter with your own strong attack.

Be patient and wait for your opportunity to strike, and eventually you will triumph over Ansem.

  • Assuming you are playing Kingdom Hearts 1: 1
  • First, you need to obtain the Three Keys from Hollow Bastion
  • One is obtained by defeating Guard Armor in the Library, another is found in the Lava Bubble mini-game, and the last one is located in a chest inside Beast’s Castle
  • Then, go to Ansem’s Study in Twilight Town and read all 6 of his reports
  • This will give you some insight into his plans and what he is trying to achieve
  • Next, head to the Keyblade Graveyard and defeat Xemnas
  • This will weaken Ansem’s power significantly
  • Finally, go back to Hollow Bastion and fight Ansem himself
  • Be sure to have plenty of healing items with you, as his attacks can be quite powerful

How to Beat Ansem 2

Assuming you are playing Kingdom Hearts 1, to beat Ansem 2 you need to have the following items: Mega-Ether, Elixir, and at least one Drive Recovery. You should also have your party members set up as follows: Donald-Cure/Haste; Goofy-Defend; Sora-Attack. When you’re ready, go into the fight and start by having Sora cast Curaga on himself and his allies.

Then have Donald and Goofy use their respective spells while Sora attacks. If Ansem starts to cast Reflect on himself, haveDonald or Goofy dispel it. When he’s down to about half health he’ll start using Mega Flare so be sure to keep your health up with Curaga.

When he finally goes down you’ll get the Keyblade of People’s Hearts!

How to Beat Ansem Final Form

Assuming you are playing Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, there are a few tips and tricks to help you take down Ansem’s final form. For starters, it is important to have plenty of healing items on hand, as his attacks can deal a lot of damage. Secondly, try to focus on attacking his head, as this is where most of his health is located.

And finally, watch out for his laser attack – if you see him charging up this move, quickly dodge out of the way to avoid taking severe damage. With these tips in mind, you should be able to take down Ansem’s final form without too much trouble. Good luck!

How to Beat Ansem Riku Kh1

Ansem Riku Kh1 is a tough opponent, but there are ways to beat him. Here are some tips: -First, try to keep your distance.

Ansem has powerful close range attacks that can quickly take you down if you’re not careful. -Second, make use of your magic. Ansem is vulnerable to magic, so hitting him with spells can do significant damage.

-Third, watch out for his dark aura attack. This move can drain your health, so be sure to heal up if you get hit by it. With these tips in mind, you should be able to take down Ansem and claim victory!

Kingdom Hearts Ansem Fight 3

5 Kingdom Hearts 3.5 Ansem fight: This is a tough one. I would recommend having at least two people in your party, and making sure you have some good healing items.

If you can, try to take out the heartless first, as they can be quite annoying. When you’re ready, approach Ansem and start the battle. He will start by summoning some heartless, so take them out quickly.

Once they’re gone, he will start attacking you with powerful magic attacks. Dodge these as best you can, and counter with your own spells or physical attacks when you can. He will also summon more heartless periodically, so keep an eye out for those and dispatch them quickly.

As the battle goes on, Ansem will get more aggressive and start using more powerful attacks. He may even summon a giant heartless to help him out! Stay focused and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, and eventually you’ll take him down.

Good luck!

Kingdom Hearts Ansem Fight 2

The second battle against Ansem is fought in The World That Never Was. Unlike the previous battle, Sora is not alone, as he is joined by Mickey and Riku. The battle starts out with Ansem attacking Sora with a barrage of dark energy spheres.

Sora dodges them and counterattacks with his Keyblade. Ansem then summons a large number of Heartless to attack Sora and his friends. Sora and company are able to dispatch the Heartless easily enough, but Ansem proves to be a more difficult opponent.

He constantly teleports around the battlefield, making it difficult for Sora to hit him. He also uses powerful magic attacks that can drain Sora’s health quickly. Eventually, Sora and his friends are able to corner Ansem and defeat him once again.

With Ansem gone, they are finally able to enter Kingdom Hearts and put an end to Xemnas’s plans.

How to Beat Ansem


How Do You Beat Ansem in Kh3?

To beat Ansem in KH3, you must first complete the game’s main story. After defeating Xemnas, Ansem will appear as a secret boss. To defeat him, you’ll need to use powerful magic and combos.

Once you’ve depleted his health bar, he’ll be defeated.

How Do You Beat Ansem in World of Chaos?

Assuming you are referring to the boss Ansem in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, here is how you can beat him. The battle with Ansem consists of three parts. In the first part, he will attack with a variety of dark magic spells.

He may also try to grab you with his tendrils, which will drain your health if he succeeds. To counter this, keep moving and use fire-based attacks when possible. Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Ansem will be stunned and you can move on to the next part of the battle.

In the second part, Ansem will summon a large number of heartless enemies to fight alongside him. Take out the enemies first, then focus your attacks on Ansem. Be careful of his powerful energy blasts and again, use fire-based attacks when possible.

When you’ve dealt enough damage, Ansem will be stunned once more and you can move on to the final part of the battle. For the last part, Ansem will summon a giant shadow version of himself. This shadow cannot be harmed by normal means – instead, wait for it to charge up an energy blast and reflect it back at Ansem using your Keyblade.

When done correctly, this will cause massive damage and finally defeat him.

What Level is End of the World Kingdom Hearts?

Assuming you are referring to the original Kingdom Hearts game, released in 2002, the answer is Level 99. In order to reach this level, players must complete the game’s main story line and all side quests. After completing these tasks, they will be rewarded with a special item that allows them to raise their character’s level cap to 99.

Once at Level 99, players can then access the game’s final boss battle.

What to Do After Beating Ansem in Kingdom Hearts?

Once you’ve beaten Ansem in Kingdom Hearts, there are a few things you can do. First, you can talk to the people in Twilight Town. They’ll have some new things to say now that Ansem is gone.

Second, you can go back to any of the worlds you visited during your adventure and explore them further. There may be areas that were previously inaccessible that you can now reach. Third, you can start working on collecting all of the Heartless emblems.

There are 60 in total, and they’re scattered throughout the game’s various worlds. Collecting all of them will unlock a secret ending. Fourth, if you haven’t already, now would be a good time to start playing through the game again on Proud Mode.

This mode is unlocked after beating the game once and offers increased difficulty as well as some changes to the story. Beating Proud Mode will also net you another secret ending.

Boss Fight: Ansem (Solo Fight) (Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix) [ Full Fight w/ Tips]


Assuming you mean the video game character: Ansem is a powerful enemy in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. To beat him, players must first understand his attack patterns and weaknesses.

Ansem usually opens up with a long-range attack, followed by a close-range assault. He also frequently uses dark magic, which can be countered with light-based attacks. Finally, Ansem is vulnerable to physical attacks when his guard is down.

By using a combination of these strategies, players can defeat this difficult opponent.

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