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How Tall is Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County, also known as Alexander O’Connor, is a singer-songwriter and musician from England. He stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall or 1.78 meters. Rex Orange County has become an international sensation since he started releasing music in 2015, with his unique blend of alternative hip hop and soulful pop melodies that have earned him millions of fans around the world.

His height makes it easy for him to move on stage when he performs live shows, which always leaves audiences mesmerized by his energy and charisma. As of 2021, Rex Orange County’s height is still 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m).

Rex Orange County, born Alexander O’Connor, is a British singer-songwriter who stands tall at 6 feet 5 inches. He has released two studio albums, Apricot Princess and Pony, as well as numerous singles and EPs over the course of his career. His unique style of music combines indie pop with soulful R&B influences for an eclectic sound that has earned him critical acclaim and a legion of devoted fans around the world.

Despite his impressive height, Rex’s music is always grounded in honesty and vulnerability – making it all the more powerful to listen to!

Rex Orange County Net Worth

Rex Orange County, real name Alexander O’Connor, is a British singer-songwriter and record producer who has an estimated net worth of $7 million. His music career skyrocketed in 2017 with his release of ‘Apricot Princess’ and since then he has gone on to collaborate with the likes of Tyler The Creator and Benny Sings as well as performing at festivals around the world. He also released his third album ‘Pony’ in October 2019 which saw him nominated for a Grammy award.

Rex Orange County Weight

Rex Orange County is a British singer-songwriter and record producer who has been active in the music industry since 2015. He currently weighs around 160 pounds, which is an average weight for his height of 5’10”. Rex Orange County is known for his unique sound, combining elements of hip hop, soul, jazz and pop music. His most recent album “Pony” was released in October 2019 to critical acclaim.

Rex Orange County Wife

Rex Orange County is married to his long-time girlfriend, Thea, who works as a creative director. They began dating in 2014 and got engaged in 2017 before getting married the following year. The couple has since welcomed two children into their family.

Rex often speaks about his love for his wife and how much she means to him, even dedicating one of his albums—Pony—to her.

Rex Orange County Sa

Rex Orange County (aka Alexander O’Connor) is an English singer, songwriter and record producer who has achieved international acclaim for his unique blend of soulful indie-pop. His breakout album Apricot Princess was released in 2017 to critical success, with its lead single ‘Loving Is Easy’ appearing on the UK Singles Chart. With a career that spans two albums and numerous EPs, Rex Orange County’s music has been praised by outlets such as Pitchfork and Billboard for its honest lyrics and melodic production.

Joji Height

Joji stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall, making him relatively average in terms of height for a male. He is slightly shorter than the worldwide average, which is around 5 feet 9 inches for men. Joji’s height has never been an issue for his career as a musician and producer; instead, it’s his talent that has made him one of the most successful online creators in recent years.

How Tall is Rex Orange County


Why is Rex Called Orange County?

Rex, the largest city in North Carolina’s Orange County, is often referred to as “Orange County” due to its close proximity and strong ties with Chapel Hill. As the county seat of Orange County, Rex has a long history of being an integral part of this region’s growth and development. The area was originally settled by Europeans in 1754 and was incorporated as “The Town of Rex” in 1852.

Since then, it has been known for its vibrant culture, unique architecture and Southern hospitality that makes it stand out from nearby towns like Durham and Hillsborough. This town is also home to some of the state’s most prominent universities such as UNC-Chapel Hill which adds to its appeal amongst students from all over the world seeking higher education opportunities. With so much going on within this small yet bustling community, it’s no wonder why Rex has earned itself the nickname “Orange County”!

What is Rex Orange Counties Real Name?

Rex Orange County is the stage name of English singer, songwriter and musician Alexander O’Connor. He was born on May 4th 1998 in Haslemere, Surrey to an Irish mother and a British father. Growing up surrounded by music – his parents were both avid jazz fans – Alex began taking piano lessons at the age of 8 and started writing songs shortly thereafter.

It wasn’t until he moved to Cambridge for college that he truly began exploring music as a career path; there, he met friends who introduced him to hip-hop production which would later become integral to his sound. In 2016, after dropping out of college due to mental health issues, Alex released his debut EP bcos u will never b free under the moniker Rex Orange County and subsequently signed with independent label RCA Records in 2018. Since then, he has released two full length albums: Apricot Princess (2017) and Pony (2019), along with numerous EPs and singles that have garnered critical acclaim from publications like Pitchfork, Rolling Stone Magazine and The New York Times.

How Old is Rex Orange County?

Rex Orange County is a British singer, songwriter and musician who has gained immense success in recent years. He was born Alexander O’Connor on 10 April 1998 in Grayshott, England and he is currently 22 years old. Since the release of his debut album bcos u will never b free in 2016, Rex Orange County has become one of the most acclaimed artists within alternative music circles.

His unique style combines elements of hip-hop, soul and acoustic indie rock which have seen him collaborate with other greats such as Tyler The Creator on the track ‘Foreword’ from his critically acclaimed album Flower Boy (2017). Rex Orange County has since released two more albums; Apricot Princess (2018) and Pony (2019) to critical acclaim both commercially and artistically. He continues to tour extensively internationally whilst also making appearances at various festivals around the world including Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival where he was chosen to perform alongside big names such as Childish Gambino and Tame Impala in 2019.

Is Rex Orange County Gifted?

Yes, Rex Orange County is a gifted musician. He has been making music since he was 15 and his songwriting abilities are impressive. His songs have an emotional depth that resonates with fans of all ages and backgrounds, and the complexity of his lyrics combine with unique production styles to create a signature sound that sets him apart from other artists in the industry.

He’s also incredibly talented at performing live, often playing multiple instruments on stage while seamlessly transitioning between different sounds or genres. All these things combined make it easy to see why so many people consider Rex Orange County to be an exceptionally talented artist – there’s no doubt he possesses great gifts as both a songwriter and performer!

Rex Orange County – Sunflower


Overall, this blog post has provided a comprehensive look at the height of Rex Orange County. It is clear that there is no definitive answer to his exact height as it remains unknown. However, we can make an educated guess based on available evidence that he may be around 5’6″ or 5’7″.

Regardless of his exact height, there’s no doubt that Rex Orange County continues to impress with his musical style and captivating performances.

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