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How Tall is Papyrus

Papyrus is a plant that grows in marshes and swamps. It can grow up to 10 feet tall.

Papyrus is one of the most popular characters from the hit game Undertale. He’s a friendly skeleton who loves to make puns, and he’s also pretty tall! According to the official Undertale wiki, Papyrus is 6’4″ tall.

That’s pretty tall for a skeleton, and it means he towers over most of the other characters in the game. Even though he’s tall, Papyrus is still a lovable guy who always tries to help out his friends. If you ever get a chance to meet him, be sure to give him a high five!

How Tall is Sans

Sans is a skeleton who lives in the Underground. He is the brother of Papyrus and works as a sentry. Sans is tall for a skeleton, standing at 6 feet tall.

He has black eyes and wears blue jeans with holes in them. His shirt is black and his tie is red. Sans is lazy and often falls asleep on the job, much to Papyrus’ dismay.

How Tall is Papyrus in Feet

Papyrus is the tallest of all the monsters in Undertale, measuring in at a whopping 9 feet tall! That’s nearly twice as tall as the next tallest monster, Undyne. Of course, Papyrus isn’t just all height – he’s also got a big heart, and is always looking out for his little brother Sans.

Despite his towering stature, Papyrus is actually pretty light on his feet. He loves to dance and can often be seen practicing his moves around his home in Snowdin Forest. He’s also an expert at puzzles and loves nothing more than to put his brain to work solving them.

If you ever find yourself in need of some help, or just want someone to talk to, Papyrus will be there for you with open arms (and maybe even a hug). Just don’t ask him for directions – he tends to get lost pretty easily!

How Tall is Papyrus Sans

How Tall is Papyrus Sans? This is a question that gets asked a lot, and it’s tough to give an exact answer. However, we can take a look at some clues from the game to make an educated guess.

In the game, Papyrus is seen next to various objects and characters of known size. Based on these comparisons, it appears that Papyrus is somewhere between 6 and 7 feet tall. Additionally, his head seems to be about twice the size of an average human head, which would likely put him closer to 7 feet tall.

Of course, this is all just speculation based on in-game evidence. We don’t know for sure how tall Papyrus actually is. But based on what we see in the game, it seems safe to say that he’s somewhere around 7 feet tall!

How Tall is Gaster Undertale

Gaster is a skeleton monster in the indie game Undertale. He is described as a “mysterious being” who created the core of the Underground, and he has a complex and detailed backstory. While his true height is unknown, fan speculation puts him at around 6’5″.

How Tall is Mettaton

Mettaton is a robot created by Dr. Alphys in the Underground. He is designed to be a entertainment robot, and his appearance reflects this, as he is very colorful and flashy. Mettaton has two forms: his box form, which he uses to host his show, and his humanoid form, which he uses to fight against the protagonist in a later part of the game.

In his box form, Mettaton is about as tall as the protagonist. In his humanoid form, Mettaton stands at about twice the height of the protagonist.

How Tall is Papyrus


How Much Taller is Papyrus Than Sans?

Papyrus is 6 feet tall while Sans is only 5 feet. This means that Papyrus is 1 foot taller than his brother!

How Tall is Papyrus in Feet Undertale?

Papyrus is a skeleton who is 6 feet tall. He wears a blue shirt with a white stripe down the middle, and he has a skull for a head. He carries a stick with him everywhere he goes, which he uses to hit things.

How Tall is Everyone in Undertale?

In the world of Undertale, everyone is different sizes. Some are taller than others, but there isn’t an exact measurement for how tall each character is. However, we can take a look at some of the tallest characters in the game to get an idea of how tall they may be.

The first character we’ll look at is Toriel. Toriel is a goat monster who stands at around 7 feet tall. She’s one of the tallest monsters in the game, and her height definitely makes her stand out among the other characters.

Next, we have Undyne. Undyne is another monster who stands at around 7 feet tall. She’s slightly shorter than Toriel, but she’s still one of the tallest characters in Undertale.

Finally, we have Papyrus. Papyrus is a skeleton who stands at around 6 feet tall. He’s not as tall as Toriel or Undyne, but he’s still pretty tall compared to most other characters in the game.

So, what does this all mean? Well, it means that if you’re looking for a Tall Character in Undertale, you should definitely check out Toriel or Undyne. They’re both reallytall and will definitely stand out among the other characters in the game!

How Tall is Papyrus in Cm?

Papyrus is a plant that can grow to be up to 10 feet tall. However, most papyrus plants only grow to be about 6-7 feet tall.

Sans Is Taller Than Papyrus Undertale Comic Dub!


Papyrus is a skeleton who is 6’4″ tall. He wears a blue and yellow striped sweater, and he has a big nose. He lives in a cave with his brother Sans, and they both love to play video games.

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