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How Tall is Cleetus Mcfarland

Cleetus McFarland is officially listed as 6 feet tall. He often wears boots that add a few inches to his height, but based on pictures of him standing next to others, it appears he is just under the 6 foot mark. McFarland has also mentioned in interviews that he’s “on the shorter side” and joked about being barely taller than his wife, who stands at 5’4″.

His exact height isn’t known for sure though and can vary depending on what type of shoes or boots he chooses to wear on any given day.

Cleetus Mcfarland stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches. His height is an advantage for him, as it allows him to reach and grab items others may have difficulty accessing. He also towers over most people he meets which gives him a sense of authority when talking with them.

With his towering frame, Cleetus can easily cast a big shadow on the car enthusiast landscape – both literally and figuratively!

Cleetus Mcfarland Height And Weight

Cleetus McFarland stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs approximately 185 pounds. The car-loving YouTube celebrity is in excellent physical shape, often seen doing heavy lifting to build or repair vehicles. His physique also allows him to move swiftly among the cars he works on, making it easier for him to complete his projects and get back into his driver’s seat.

How Tall is Garrett Mitchell

Garrett Mitchell is an American actor who stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches tall. He has appeared in various films such as “The Last Exorcism” and “Shark Night 3D”. Garrett has also starred in television series like “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”, and most recently, the Netflix hit show, “Stranger Things”.

How Old is Cleetus Mcfarland

Cleetus McFarland is an American YouTuber and entrepreneur from Texas who rose to fame through his automotive-related content. He has been creating online content since 2012, when he was just 22 years old. Today, Cleetus McFarland is 30 years old and continues to share his passion for cars with millions of fans around the world.

Cleetus Mcfarland Net Worth

Cleetus McFarland is an American YouTuber who has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He gained popularity for creating car-related content on his YouTube channel, which currently has over 2.5 million subscribers and counting. His videos feature everything from drag racing to restoring cars, and he also hosts a podcast called ‘The Cleetus and Cars Show’.

With such a large audience base, it’s no surprise that Cleetus McFarland has been able to amass such a healthy amount of wealth in just a few years.

Cleetus Mcfarland Real Name

Cleetus McFarland is the online persona of Garrett Mitchell, an American YouTuber and automotive enthusiast. He has become well known for his humorous videos on YouTube about cars, drag racing and other car-related topics. His channel has grown to more than 4 million subscribers since its inception in 2012, making it one of the most popular auto channels on the website.

How Tall is Cleetus Mcfarland


How Tall is Garrett Mitchell Cleetus?

Garrett Mitchell Cleetus is a well-known professional fighter and mixed martial artist who stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall. He has been competing in the featherweight division since his debut in 2014, and his height gives him an undeniable advantage over opponents. Thanks to his towering frame, he can throw powerful punches and kicks while also being able to defend himself better against strikes from opponents.

His reach of 76 inches allows him to stay out of range from most attacks while still being able to land effective strikes on his opponents. While not officially documented, some sources claim that Garrett’s weight fluctuates between 145lbs and 155lbs depending on the time of year or if he is preparing for a fight or not. No matter which weight class he competes in though, it’s clear that Garrett’s towering height gives him an edge over the competition when stepping into the cage.

Is Cleetus Mcfarland His Real Name?

No, Cleetus McFarland is not his real name. The YouTube star and car enthusiast goes by the stage name of “Cleetus McFarland”. His actual name is Garrett Mitchell and he was born in Florida in 1986.

He started his YouTube channel back in 2013 where he posts videos about cars, racing, motorsports and other automotive related topics. He has since gained a massive following with over 5 million subscribers across all his platforms as well as millions of views on each video that he uploads. Although Cleetus’ official website says nothing about it being an alias, it’s pretty clear that he uses this alter ego to make him stand out from the crowd – after all, who else can claim to have such an exotic sounding moniker?

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Where was Cleetus Mcfarland Born?

Cleetus McFarland, the YouTube star and car enthusiast, was born in Bardstown, Kentucky on May 15th 1992. Growing up in a small town nestled at the center of Bourbon County in Nelson County, his interest for cars and racing came from growing up around these activities. His father had a passion for cars so he passed that down to Cleetus as well.

As he grew older he began working on cars himself and eventually started competing in local drag races with friends which is where his career took off from there. Today Cleetus has built an entire empire around his love of motorsport and creating content about it that entertains millions across the world every day!

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In conclusion, Cleetus Mcfarland is an Internet celebrity who has achieved incredible success in the automotive and YouTube world. His stature may not be well known, but he certainly stands tall amongst his peers and fans alike. With a massive following on social media, his brand continues to grow with each passing day.

While we may never know exactly how tall Cleetus Mcfarland is, one thing remains certain – his presence will continue to be felt for years to come!

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