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How Old is My Meilink Safe

The age of a Meilink safe can be determined by looking at the serial number. Each model has its own set of numbers, so it is important to identify which model your particular safe is before attempting to date it. If you are unable to locate the serial number, look for other identifying marks such as manufacturer’s plates or labels that may indicate when the safe was manufactured.

Additionally, many Meilink safes have dates inscribed on them; usually inside or near the door hinges. For example, a “No. 20” dating back to around 1906 will have an inscription reading “Meilink Safe & Lock Co., Cincinnati, Ohio – Patented May 25th 1897/May 8th 1906” stamped on it somewhere near the hinge area. With this information in hand you should now be able to determine approximately how old your Meilink safe is!

Meilink safes are a popular and reliable brand of fireproof safe. While it is difficult to determine the exact age of your Meilink safe without inspection, there are several factors that can help you estimate its age. Look for any identifying information on the outside or inside of the safe, such as a serial number or manufacturer’s name.

If these details are available, they can be used to research when the model was first released and give you an idea of how old your particular Meilink safe may be.

Meilink Safe Value

The Meilink Safe Value is a fire-resistant safe designed for both home and business use. It’s constructed with steel walls that insulate against heat, plus two layers of interior insulation to protect valuables from smoke and flames in the event of an emergency. This secure storage solution also features advanced digital lock technology, giving users complete control over who has access to their possessions.

In addition, the Meilink Safe Value is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), meaning that it meets or exceeds UL’s rigorous standards for quality and safety.

Meilink Safe How to Open

Opening a Meilink safe is not as difficult as it once was. With the introduction of digital locks, all you need to do is enter your combination and unlock the door. However, if you have an older model with a mechanical lock, you will need to use a key or dial code in order to open it.

If you’ve lost your keys or forgotten the combination, contact Meilink directly for assistance on how to get back into your safe.

Meilink Safe Weight

The Meilink Safe Weight is a heavy-duty safe that provides superior protection for valuable items and documents. It features enhanced security, including an electronic lock with two locking bolts, as well as fire protection up to 1875°F (1018°C) for 1 hour. The interior of the safe also offers adjustable shelving and ample storage space to accommodate larger items.

This durable safe can be securely bolted down or wall mounted, making it ideal for home or business use.

Meilink Safe Factory Combination

The Meilink Safe Factory Combination is an important part of the security and protection protocol used at many companies around the world. This combination utilizes both mechanical and digital locks to provide additional layers of defense against unauthorized access to valuable property or documents. The combination can be reset by authorized personnel, allowing for a customized sequence that keeps your valuables safe from intruders.

With its robust design, this type of lock offers superior security solutions for businesses looking for extra protection.

Meilink Safe Serial Number

Meilink Safe serial numbers are unique identifiers that help to identify the make and model of a Meilink safe. These serial numbers can be found on the outside of the safe, usually located either near the bottom or behind an interior panel. By knowing your serial number, you will be able to find replacement parts or get technical support from Meilink if needed.

How Old is My Meilink Safe


How Do I Reset My Meilink Safe?

Resetting your Meilink safe is a relatively straightforward process, but it can still be confusing if you’re not familiar with the procedure. To reset your Meilink safe, start by locating the small hole located on the back of your safe. Insert an object such as a paperclip or pencil tip into this hole and press firmly for 5 seconds.

You should hear two distinct beeps indicating that the reset has been successful. Now enter your desired combination twice to confirm it and release any locks or bolts in the door’s mechanism before opening fully. If you have forgotten your current combination code, contact a Meilink customer support representative who will provide instructions on how to open without compromising security features built into each unit.

How Much Does a Meilink Safe Weigh?

Meilink safes are among the most popular and reliable models available on the market. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from small personal safes to large gun cabinets, so it’s important to know how much your specific model weighs before purchasing. On average, most Meilink safes weigh anywhere between 500-1500 lbs depending on their size and contents.

A standard residential safe will typically weigh around 800-1000 lbs while commercial grade safes can tip the scales at 1500+ lbs. Additionally, some Meilink models may also contain additional weight due to reinforced steel construction or other security measures like internal locking compartments and concrete fireproofing which can increase total weight even further. When considering a Meilink safe purchase, make sure you factor in not only its size but also its overall weight when deciding what is right for you!



In conclusion, Meilink safes can be a great addition to any home or business. If you own one and want to know its age, there are several methods you can use to do so. You may need to contact the manufacturer directly, check online records and catalogs, or look for serial numbers on the safe itself.

Knowing how old your Meilink safe is can give you insight into its history as well as provide important information about its dimensions and features that will help you make sure it’s functioning properly.

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