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How Old is Beta in Horizon Forbidden West

At this time there is no exact information regarding how old Beta, one of the main characters in Horizon Forbidden West, is. However, we do know that she is a member of the Banuk tribe which suggests she could be anywhere between 16 and 30 years old. Since her age isn’t specified it’s likely that players won’t learn more about her until the game’s release date in 2021.

The exact age of Beta in Horizon Forbidden West is unknown, but it appears that she is a young adult from her physical appearance. She has a youthful face, with bright eyes and long hair. Her voice also reflects the sound of someone who hasn’t lived too long yet; which implies that she’s still relatively young.

With the game set to take place many years after the events of Zero Dawn, fans can expect to see Beta grow up over time as they explore her story further in this new installment.

How Old is Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy is the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West and she will be turning 21 years old in the game. This puts her at a similar age as when we first saw Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, which was released back in 2017.

How Old is Varl in Horizon Forbidden West

At the time of the release of Horizon Forbidden West, Varl is a young adult of 18 years old. She has grown up in a world torn apart by the Derangement, and her mission is to restore balance to it. The game follows her journey as she embarks on an adventure that will take her across lands ravaged by storms and full of incredible creatures.

Along the way, she’ll discover secrets about herself and learn more about why this strange calamity befell the land.

Horizon Forbidden West Beta Death

Horizon Forbidden West Beta Death is a bug present in the beta version of Horizon Forbidden West that causes players to die for no apparent reason. Players have reported this issue occurring when they enter certain areas or after completing specific objectives in the game, leading many to believe it could be related to an issue with the AI or some form of scripting error. Luckily, Guerilla Games has stated that they are aware of this issue and are working hard on a fix.

In the meantime, those playing the beta should take extra caution while exploring and ensure that they save regularly.

How Old is Kotallo in Horizon Forbidden West

Kotallo, the Shaman of Song in Horizon Forbidden West, is an ancient being with a mysterious past. She is believed to be thousands of years old – far older than any other character in the game. Her wisdom and knowledge make her an invaluable ally for Aloy as she journeys through the lands of the Forbidden West.

Does Beta Die Horizon Forbidden West

The upcoming action-adventure game Horizon Forbidden West does not include the death of Beta, a character from the first installment. While some characters have changed and evolved in the sequel, Beta will continue to play an important role in Aloy’s journey as she explores this new world. Players can look forward to exciting new stories, locations, and characters while still being able to enjoy familiar favorites like Beta.

How Old is Beta in Horizon Forbidden West


How Old is Aloy Beta?

Aloy Beta is a popular character in the video game Horizon Zero Dawn. She has been around since 2017, and while her exact age is never revealed in the game, players can assume she’s somewhere between 18 and 25 years old. Aloy was born into a mysterious world filled with dangerous machines, so she had to grow up quickly and learn how to survive on her own from an early age.

Her skills as an archer, hunter and survivor are legendary amongst other characters within the game. Through trial-and-error exploration of the world surrounding her, Aloy slowly unlocked secrets of her past as well as uncovering more about this strange new land that she inhabits. Today Aloy stands as one of gaming’s most beloved characters; strong yet vulnerable at times with an unwavering determination to protect those around her no matter what cost it may take.

How Old is the Character in Horizon Forbidden West?

The main protagonist in Horizon Forbidden West is Aloy, a young woman who is around 21 years old at the start of the game. She has been living in Ban-Ur since birth and was raised by Rost, her adoptive father. Aloy’s age plays an important role throughout her journey as she comes to terms with her past and learns more about the world around her.

As she explores the forbidden lands of post-apocalyptic America, it’s up to Aloy to save humanity from extinction by uncovering its secrets and reimagining its future — all while discovering just how old she really is.

Is Beta Aloys Sister?

The question of whether Beta Aloy is someone’s sister or not has been a source of much debate. While some people believe that she is related to another character in the game, Horizon Zero Dawn, others remain uncertain. To answer this question definitively would require an understanding of the overall plot and characters within the game itself.

For example, while her mother figure figures prominently into the story line, it is never explicitly stated that she has any siblings at all. Additionally, there are no references to anyone who may be related to her by blood throughout the entirety of the game. Ultimately, without conclusively knowing either way as to whether or not Beta Aloy has a sibling, one can only speculate on this topic based on what little information we actually have available about her family life in Horizon Zero Dawn.

What Did Aloy Whisper to Beta?

Aloy’s whispered words to Beta remain a mystery, with some speculating that she uttered the phrase “I love you” in the brief moment before their parting. Others believe that Aloy simply wanted her robotic companion to stay safe and come back to her once he had completed his mission of restoring power to Meridian. Whatever it was she said, Aloy’s whisper was indicative of how much she cared for Beta and respected him as an ally–even if they were from different worlds.

It showed us just how far Aloy had come since Horizon Zero Dawn began; from being a lone outcast looking for answers about her past, to forming strong bonds with allies and relying on them in times of need. Her farewell to Beta was laden with emotion, yet spoke volumes about their relationship: no matter what happened or where their paths diverged, there would always be a connection between them that transcended language barriers or species differences.

Horizon Forbidden West – The Story of Aloy and Beta – All Cutscenes + Hidden Stories


In conclusion, Horizon Forbidden West is set to be an exciting new addition to the series and will likely feature Beta as a major character once again. While we don’t yet know her exact age in the sequel, it’s believed that she’ll remain youthful as Aloy did in Horizon Zero Dawn, making her one of the more interesting characters to look forward to playing with. With so much mystery surrounding this upcoming title from Guerrilla Games, fans are sure to stay on their toes waiting for more information.

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