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How Many Stamps for a Bubble Mailer

The number of stamps needed for a bubble mailer depends on the weight and size of the item being sent. Generally, it takes 1 to 2 Forever stamps per ounce, which would be between one and eight Forever Stamps depending on the weight of your package. To determine the exact amount required, you can use an online postage calculator or visit a post office counter to weigh your package and purchase enough postage.

When mailing a package, the number of stamps needed to cover the cost of postage depends on both the size and weight of your bubble mailer. Generally, it takes two Forever stamps or one additional ounce stamp for a standard-sized bubble mailer weighing 1 ounce or less. Heavier packages may require extra postage; you can use an online calculator to determine how many stamps you need for heavier items.

How Many Stamps for a 6X9 Bubble Mailer

Using a 6×9 bubble mailer for domestic shipping within the United States requires at least two Forever stamps. However, it’s important to keep in mind that heavier envelopes may require additional postage. It’s best to weigh your envelope and check USPS’ rate calculator before affixing the stamps.

How Many Stamps for a Bubble Mailer


Does a Bubble Mailer Need Two Stamps?

The answer to the question of whether a bubble mailer needs two stamps is not always clear-cut. Generally speaking, if the item you are sending weighs more than one ounce, then it will need two stamps in order to be properly delivered. For example, if your bubble mailer contains items that weigh over an ounce and you try to send it with only one stamp, then it may be returned or delayed due to insufficient postage.

In addition, some heavier bubble mailers require additional postage regardless of weight because they may not meet certain size requirements for standard envelopes. In these cases, always make sure to double check with your local post office or USPS website for exact guidelines before affixing any form of postage. Depending on size and shape regulations imposed by USPS standards along with other factors like content type and origin/destination zip codes can all contribute towards how much shipping costs will cost for mailing a package via bubble mailer.

For those who just want a basic rule of thumb when deciding how many stamps do I need for my bubble mailer: If what’s inside the envelope weighs less than 1oz., then one stamp should suffice; otherwise two is generally recommended as this would cover most regular sized packages up to 13 ounces in total weight (including packaging materials).

How Many Stamps Do I Need for a 6X9 Bubble Mailer?

The answer to how many stamps you need for a 6×9 bubble mailer depends on the weight of your package. For packages that weigh up to one ounce, you will need only one standard postage stamp. However, if your package weighs more than an ounce but is still within the two-ounce limit, then you will need two standard postage stamps or one Forever Stamp and additional First-Class Mail postage for each additional ounce over two ounces.

If your package exceeds 13 ounces, then it must be sent via Priority Mail and require different priced stamps depending on its final destination; this includes large envelopes such as 6×9 bubble mailers.

How Many Stamps Should I Put on a 9X12 Bubble Envelope?

When sending a package in a 9×12 bubble envelope, the number of stamps you will need to affix depends on the weight and size of your package as well as the destination. Generally speaking, one Forever Stamp (which costs 55 cents each) is sufficient for an envelope up to two ounces in weight, but heavier packages may require additional postage or a larger stamp denomination. For an average 9×12 inch envelope weighing between three and four ounces, it would be necessary to use two Forever Stamps along with additional postage – typically 35 cents per ounce over two ounces.

Heavier packages that exceed 13 oz may also incur additional fees due to their extra large size and must be sent via Priority Mail or Express Mail service instead. To get exact postal rates for your specific situation, make sure to check out USPS’s website for current information on shipping prices and policies.

How Much Does It Cost to Mail a Bubble Mailer?

The cost of mailing a bubble mailer depends on the specific details of your package, such as its size and weight. Generally speaking, USPS charges for domestic bubble mailers are based on the item’s shape and weight. Prices start at $0.98 for items weighing 1 ounce or less with a rectangular shape (such as an 8-1/2″ x 11″ envelope).

Heavier packages may require additional postage fees depending on their dimensions and weight up to 70 pounds. Additional services such as insurance, tracking numbers, signature confirmation will also add to the total cost. For international shipping rates can vary greatly depending on destination country and customs regulations so it is best to check with your local post office before sending out any packages overseas.

How to send a bubble mailer 🙂

How to send a bubble mailer :)


Overall, sending mail with a bubble mailer requires more stamps than standard envelopes. The amount of postage required depends on the size and weight of the package being sent, so it is best to check with your local post office for exact pricing. Additionally, if you are unsure about how many stamps to use, you can always purchase an Extra Services stamp or have your package weighed before mailing.

With these tips in mind, now you know exactly how many stamps for a bubble mailer!

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