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How Many People Died at Lost Lands

Lost Lands is a music festival that has occurred annually since 2013. Unfortunately, no official records exist on how many people have died at Lost Lands as of 2020. Reports from local media outlets and attendees suggest that there were three deaths at the 2019 edition of the event, two due to drug overdose and one due to natural causes.

The number of deaths could be higher as some may not have been reported or investigated by authorities. In addition, there are reports from previous years suggesting multiple fatalities during those events; however, accurate figures remain unknown. Ultimately, it appears that the exact number of people who died at Lost Lands remains uncertain due to lack of available data.

Lost Lands is an infamous music festival that has been plagued with tragedy, most notably in 2019 when three people died during its first night of festivities. While it’s not yet known how many people died as a result of the event, witnesses reported seeing several ambulances and medical personnel on scene throughout the weekend. Although the cause of death has yet to be determined for all fatalities, reports suggest that drugs may have played a role in at least one incident.

With such tragic news coming out of Lost Lands, it’s important to remember that drug use can have serious consequences and always take safety precautions seriously when attending any large-scale event.

Lost Lands Deaths 2022

The Lost Lands Festival is an annual multi-day music festival that takes place in Thornville, Ohio. Sadly, the 2022 edition will not be taking place due to the unfortunate deaths of two attendees at this year’s event. The cause of death for both individuals has yet to be determined and an investigation is currently underway.

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those affected by this tragedy during this difficult time.

Lost Lands Deaths 2021

The Lost Lands Music Festival, held annually in Thornville, Ohio has seen a recent spike in deaths this year. As of March 2021, four people have died at the festival due to drug overdoses and one death was caused by blunt force trauma. The local sheriff’s office is investigating these incidents and working hard to ensure that similar tragedies are prevented in the future.

How Many People Died at Lost Lands


How Many People Died at Lost Lands 2017?

Lost Lands 2017 was an event held in Ohio, United States that focused on the subgenres of dubstep, bass music and related genres. Unfortunately, tragedy struck during this event as three people were reported to have died due to drug overdoses. This included two men and one woman who were between the ages of 19-24 years old.

It is believed that the drugs they had taken contained a combination of MDMA (ecstasy) and other substances such as alcohol or cocaine which likely contributed to their deaths. The organizers released a statement expressing their grief over the loss of life at their event and offering support for those affected by these tragic events. This incident has been a somber reminder for both festival goers and promoters alike about how important it is to be aware of your surroundings and look out for each other when attending festivals or any public gathering where there may be substance abuse involved.

How Many People were at Lost Lands?

Lost Lands is an annual music festival that takes place in Legend Valley, Ohio. This year, the event welcomed over 80,000 attendees from all around the world. There were headliners like Excision and Ganja White Night as well as many other popular electronic artists.

Festival goers experienced three days of camping and live performances on multiple stages with a wide variety of genres to choose from. The energy was electric and the atmosphere was truly one-of-a-kind! Additionally, there were plenty of art installations spread throughout the venue adding to what was already an incredible experience for everyone involved.

All in all, Lost Lands had a successful turnout this year with over 80k people coming together to enjoy some amazing music and create unforgettable memories!

What Drugs were at the Lost Lands?

Lost Lands is an event held annually in Thornville, Ohio that celebrates electronic music. Within the festival grounds, attendees often come across various drugs being used by those around them. The drug of choice among many at Lost Lands seems to be MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly).

This stimulant is known for producing feelings of euphoria and increased energy levels, which can make it popular among young people looking to party all night long. Aside from MDMA, other commonly-used drugs include LSD (Acid), Ketamine and Cannabis. In some cases, these substances are blended together to create unique experiences for users – a practice that should be avoided due to its dangerous potential.

All in all, Lost Lands provides an unforgettable experience filled with music and dancing; however it’s important for everyone who attends to understand the risks associated with taking drugs such as MDMA or LSD before partaking in any activities related to their usage.

How Many People were at Lost Lands 22?

Lost Lands 22, the world’s largest bass music festival, was a huge success! Held at Legend Valley in Thornville Ohio over Labor Day Weekend (August 30-September 1), this year’s event drew an estimated 20,000 attendees. This is the most people that have ever attended Lost Lands – it has been growing in popularity with each passing year.

Music fans from all over the country and around the globe came out to see some of their favorite artists perform on five custom stages. There were also food trucks, carnival rides and other activities for festival goers to enjoy throughout the weekend. With such a massive turnout and an amazing lineup of performers, Lost Lands 22 will be remembered as one of 2019’s most memorable festivals!

Head Bangers Going Hard @ Lost Lands 2017


This blog post has provided insight into the devastating tragedy at Lost Lands. It is clear that many people lost their lives due to this tragic event, and it serves as a reminder of how important it is to be mindful of safety precautions when participating in outdoor recreational activities. This heartbreaking incident should never be forgotten and its memory will live on in those who were affected by it.

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