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How Long is the Trinity of Terror Concert

The Trinity of Terror Concert is an annual concert held at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. The event typically takes place over a three-day period and features performances from some of the biggest names in horror movies, including John Carpenter, Rob Zombie and Wes Craven. Each day consists of two shows which last around 2 hours each.

This includes time for intermissions between acts. Therefore, the total length of the Trinity of Terror Concert is six hours spread across three days.

The Trinity of Terror Concert is a one-of-a-kind event that lasts for three days and nights, giving fans the chance to enjoy performances from some of the best in rock, metal, punk, and hip hop music. Each night features an incredible lineup of bands, with each show lasting around four hours. Enjoy over 30 bands playing back to back nonstop in this unique and unforgettable experience!

How Long is the Trinity of Terror Concert Reddit

The Trinity of Terror Concert Reddit is a live concert series that takes place over the span of three days. It features performances from some of the most well-known DJs and producers in the electronic music scene, including Paul van Dyk, Cosmic Gate, Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz and more. The event typically runs from Friday to Sunday and tickets are available for purchase online or at the venue.

How Long is the Trinity of Terror Concert 2023

The Trinity of Terror Concert 2023 is set to be a truly epic event, with the tour lasting an astounding seven weeks! Beginning in April and running through June, fans will have plenty of time to catch their favorite bands on this incredible journey as they make stops at some of the most iconic venues across North America. With over thirty dates planned for this highly anticipated concert tour, there’s sure to be something for everyone – so don’t miss out and get your tickets now!

Trinity of Terror Tour Set Times

The Trinity of Terror Tour is set to kick off this summer, with performances from three of the biggest names in contemporary metal: Ghost, Trivium and Power Trip. Each act will be hitting the stage at 8pm for an hour-long set. Ticket holders are encouraged to get there early as doors open at 7pm, giving fans plenty of time to grab a spot up front before the show starts.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience one of the most exciting heavy music tours in years!

Trinity of Terror Tour Band Order

The Trinity of Terror Tour Band Order features three pioneering acts in the heavy metal genre, namely Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. This tour lineup has been a longstanding favorite among metalheads due to its combination of classic thrash and modern progressive metal sounds. Each band brings something unique to the table in terms of their sound, writing style, and stage presence that makes for an unforgettable night of head-banging fun!

Trinity of Terror Tour Setlist

For those who are looking to experience the Trinity of Terror Tour, they will be treated to a night filled with classic horror-inspired music. The setlist includes fan favorites such as “Monster Mash,” “The Time Warp” and “Thriller.” Additionally, attendees will hear renditions of popular Halloween songs like “Ghostbusters” and “This is Halloween.”

It’s sure to be an unforgettable evening full of spooky tunes!

How Long is the Trinity of Terror Concert


Who is Opening Trinity of Terror Tour?

The Trinity of Terror Tour is set to be opened this Halloween season by the popular horror tour guide and online sensation, Jaiden Kaine. Kaine has become a renowned figure in the horror community for his ability to craft spine-tingling stories that keep visitors on their toes as they explore some of the most haunted locations around the world. This will mark Kaine’s first major project since launching his own brand “Kaine Horror” earlier this year, which features a variety of interactive experiences designed to bring out your inner thrill seeker.

Working with local experts and haunt enthusiasts from across North America, he has crafted an all-encompassing experience that takes participants through three of Canada’s most notorious sites – The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado; London’s Waverly Hills Sanatorium; and Moncton’s Olde Miller House. Along the way guests are treated to exclusive tours complete with guided storytelling sessions focusing on each location’s unique history and dark secrets while being immersed in extreme sights, sounds and smells associated with these real life haunted houses. So if you’re looking for something extra spooky this Halloween season then make sure you join Jaiden Kaine on The Trinity Of Terror tour!

Is Ice Nine Kills Headlining the Trinity of Terror Tour?

No, Ice Nine Kills is not headlining the Trinity of Terror tour. This year’s lineup features some of metalcore’s biggest names, including Asking Alexandria, Chelsea Grin and Upon A Burning Body. While Ice Nine Kills have gained a lot of attention in recent years for their unique blend of metalcore and horror-themed lyrics, they are not part of this year’s tour.

However, fans can still catch them on their own North American headline run in support of their latest album “The Silver Scream” or at one of several festivals around the world where they will be performing throughout 2019.

Who is Headlining Trinity of Terror Tour Part 3?

The Trinity of Terror Tour Part 3 is coming to your town this summer, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever! Headlining the tour are three of the biggest names in metal music: Meshuggah, Slayer, and Behemoth. These legendary bands have been pushing boundaries for decades with their unique sounds and innovative compositions.

From Meshuggah’s signature groove-oriented sound to Slayer’s thrashy riffs and Behemoth’s extreme blackened death metal madness, fans can expect a night full of visceral power as these titans take the stage. Get ready for an unforgettable evening filled with bone crushing riffs and unbridled energy; The Trinity of Terror Tour Part 3 will be one you won’t forget anytime soon!

What’S the Trinity of Terror Tour?

The Trinity of Terror tour is a unique and exciting event that takes participants on an unforgettable journey through the horror genre. It consists of three terrifying attractions – Erebus Haunted Attraction, The Beast, and Cutting Edge Haunted House. Participants will get to experience all three haunts in one night.

Each haunt has its own story line, special effects and scares that will make your blood run cold! Some of the highlights include navigating dark corridors full of monsters at Erebus; being chased by a menacing beast at The Beast; and facing off against gruesome creatures like zombies and chainsaw-wielding maniacs at Cutting Edge. With professional actors playing out their horrifying roles in each attraction, you’ll be sure to have plenty of jump scares along the way!

Prepare yourself for this Trinity of Terror tour if you dare… it promises an evening filled with nightmares!



In conclusion, the Trinity of Terror Concert is an incredible event for horror fans to attend. It offers an immersive experience that allows you to connect with your favorite movies and characters in a unique way. With its great lineup of special guests, interactive activities, and awesome performances, this concert will be sure to please any fan of horror films.

Be sure to check it out if you have the chance!

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