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Can You Ultimate Liverto

No, you cannot obtain Ultimate Liverto. The Black Desert Online Mobile version does not give access to the Ultimate Liverto Weapon Exchange Coupon as this is exclusive to the PC and Console versions only. You can purchase other weapons from the Blacksmith in game but these are not ultimate grade weapons like those obtainable with an Ultimate Liverto coupon.

Even if you were able to acquire an Ultimate Liverto weapon exchange coupon for use on mobile, it would be unusable due to its compatibility issues with the mobile platform.

  • Gather the Materials: To ultimate Liverto, you will need a set of Liverto weapons and armor pieces as well as an Enhancement material called Black Stone (Weapon)
  • You will also need a large amount of silver to enhance your gear
  • Upgrade Your Gear: Begin by enhancing each piece of your Liverto equipment with Black Stones until it reaches +15 enhancement level
  • This should be done one item at a time, so start with your main weapon first and then move on to the rest of the gear in descending order (Helmet > Chest Piece > Gloves > Shoes)
  • Perform Attempts: Once all pieces have been enhanced to +15, switch to using Memory Fragments instead of Black Stones for each attempt until you reach Ultimate enhancement level (+20)
  • If successful, congratulations – you now have an Ultimate Liverto! 4
  • Re-Enhancement : After reaching Ultimate enhancement level (+20), re-enhance your weapon again using Memory Fragments or Sharp/Hard Shards up to +25 enhancement limit while keeping an eye out for any Durability drops due to failed attempts which can render your item unusable if not repaired immediately
  • 5
  • Final Steps : Finally , repair any durability damage incurred during re-enhancing process and enjoy your new Ultimate Liverto !

Can You Ultimate Liverto Reddit

The Reddit community can be a great resource for information about the popular MMORPG Black Desert Online, and in particular its powerful weapon, Liverto. With numerous dedicated subreddits that focus on specific topics related to the game, you can find lots of helpful advice from fellow players who have already obtained and used Liverto weapons. Whether it’s tips on how to obtain one or strategies for using it more effectively, there are plenty of discussions available on Reddit that will help anyone looking to get their hands on Liverto.

Can You Ultimate Liverto in Bdo

Yes, you can obtain the Ultimate Liverto weapon in Black Desert Online. It is a very powerful and sought-after weapon that gives players an edge in combat due to its high attack power, accuracy, critical hit rate, and additional effects when enhanced. To get the Ultimate Liverto weapon, you must complete a quest line from NPC Likke Behr located in Calpheon City.

You will also need to collect various materials while completing the quest line to craft an Epheria Sailboat or Frigate before obtaining your ultimate goal – the Ultimate Liverto Weapon!

Can You Ultimate Liverto



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What is Ultimate Liverto

Ultimate Liverto is an incredibly powerful weapon in Black Desert Online. It has the highest attack power of any two-handed melee weapon and is considered one of the best weapons for PvE content due to its ability to dish out massive amounts of damage with each swing. Its unique design features a dragon’s head at the base, making it quite eye-catching as well.

In addition to its high attack strength, Ultimate Liverto also grants special boosts when wielded by a Musa or Maehwa class character, such as additional critical hit chance and increased accuracy. Furthermore, it increases maximum MP/WP/SP and decreases cooldown times on certain skills for these classes. Ultimately, this makes Ultimate Liverto an amazing choice for players looking to maximize their DPS output during PvE encounters.

Ultimate Liverto is a Weapon in Black Desert Online, an Open-World Action Mmorpg Game Developed by Pearl Abyss

The Ultimate Liverto weapon is one of the most powerful items available in Black Desert Online, an open-world action MMORPG game developed by Pearl Abyss. It is a two-handed longsword that can be enhanced up to +15, granting it immense power and making it sought after by all players. The sword has high attack damage, accuracy rating, and its special ability increases critical hit rate when attacking from the back.

It also gives additional effects such as increased damage when using certain skills or against certain monsters. With its unique design and powerful abilities, it is no wonder why this legendary weapon has become so popular amongst gamers worldwide. Not only does it give players an edge over their opponents on the battlefield but also adds to their character’s appearance with its dazzling visuals that really make you stand out from the crowd!

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How Do I Get Ultimate Liverto

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Ultimate Liverto weapon, then you’ll need to put in some hard work and dedication. First, you’ll want to make sure that your character is level 56 or higher so that you can craft the item. You will also need a large amount of Silver (in-game currency) and Black Stones (item enhancement material).

Once these materials are acquired, head over to a blacksmith in any major city such as Velia or Heidel and begin crafting. After successfully crafting an Enhanced version of the Liverto Weapon with three failstacks, it’s time for enhancing! In order to reach ultimate status with the weapon, you must use Memory Fragments which are obtained through completing challenging solo dungeons or by buying them from other players.

These fragments can be used together with Black Stones at an Enhancement Altar located near each blacksmithing NPC in order for enhance up to +15 stage. When reaching this stage there’s a chance that it will upgrade into Ultimate form but if not then repeat until it does! With patience and luck, obtaining an Ultimate Liverto Weapon is possible!

You Can Obtain the Ultimate Liverto Weapon Through Completing the Series of Quests Known As “The Black Spirit’S Gift” Which Can Be Started by Talking to the Black Spirit Located at Velia Beach After Reaching Level 56 Or Higher With Your Character Class

The Ultimate Liverto weapon is one of the most sought-after weapons in Black Desert Online. It can be obtained by completing a series of quests known as “The Black Spirit’s Gift”, which can only be started after reaching level 56 or higher with your character class. The quest line starts with talking to the black spirit located at Velia beach and takes you through multiple story chapters that culminate in obtaining this powerful weapon.

Along the way, you will also receive various rewards such as experience points, knowledge rewards and even some energy! As each chapter has its own set of tasks to complete, it is important to pay attention to your progress so you don’t miss out on any important steps. Once completed though, the Ultimate Liverto Weapon will become yours for keeps and should help increase your combat prowess significantly!

After Completing All Five Parts of The Black Spirit’S Gift Questline You Will Receive a “Liverto Weapon Box” Containing Your New Weapon! Q3 Is There Any Other Way to Get Ultimate Liverto

The answer is yes. After completing all five parts of The Black Spirit’s Gift questline, you will receive a “Liverto Weapon Box” containing your new weapon! This box also has a chance to contain the Ultimate Liverto Weapon, as well as other valuable items such as Cron Stones and Memory Fragments.

As an added bonus, if you complete the quest line during certain special events or promotions in-game, you may be eligible for additional rewards. Plus with daily access to the marketplace where you can purchase weapons and accessories from other players – including Ultimate Liverto Weapons – there are several ways to get your hands on this powerful item without having to grind through all five parts of the quest line.



In conclusion, the Liverto weapon is a powerful and desirable weapon for any player in Black Desert Online. With its high attack power and bonus stats, it can be an invaluable asset to your character’s arsenal. Although it may seem out of reach due to its cost, there are ways to obtain the weapon without breaking your bank account.

However, you must be prepared to put in time and effort into grinding for the materials needed if you choose this route. Ultimately, with patience and dedication, you too can have a Liverto weapon of your own!

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